Sorry we have been bad bloggers this week, but we've been very busy with all the Thanksgiving festivities and just relaxing over break. To all our American readers, Happy (late) Thanksgiving! Hopefully you all had a lovely time. This is a continuation from our last post, or another spot Emmett introduced us to while we were out exploring. As you can see the mini tree house was pretty high. Let's just say, climbing up there in heels wasn't the best of ideas but, it made for a good picture.

The top is a vintage Jean Paul Gaultier from the late 80's and belted with a Anthropologie belt. The necklaces are a Rosary hand me down in the family and the metal pendent is vintage. The denim leggings with snaps are from LF boutique and the Maryjane heels are Marc by Marc Jacobs. 

Hope you enjoy!  
 XO Valerie and Camilla


Style Bird said...

I LOVE this. Beautiful top, belt and pendant. I adore the shoes. You look beautfiul and I love your hair. xoxo ava

O'Style said...

You look adorable, the pics are awsome. Well done!


O'Style said...

You look adorable, the pics are truly awsome. Keep with the good work!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos~ Your top is a beautiful one! But more than this your hair makes me jealous ;)

Nathalie said...

Such a great outfit!
Love your heels!

Lia in Strawberry Fields said...

so beautiful...:)

Juliet said...

You know you have one of the most visually satifying blog ou there? Cause you do!

juliet xxx

Tati said...

wow this tree is reallyyyy cool!
love the shoes!
come check out sofi and our new post!

Sofi said...

These look great! I espesialy like the first one. Great pic:)

The Photodiarist said...

Truly gorgeous shots!!

Lilee said...

you are beautiful. love the heels!

Denise said...

what a beautiful beautiful dress. Amazing photos. Well am in love with your blog too. am a follower now.

have a great day!

the art cupboard said...

thanks for your lovely comment dear.
you look darling. great shoot.

my favorite colour is shiny said...

Love your blog!!!

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RaspberryKitsch said...

aww i love the colours in these pics. makes me miss summer so bad though!



Leah said...

I'm so glad you drop by my blog for me to discover your fabulous blog. You are both lovely. And I love the images here. And the clothes, to die for.

I will follow you!

lorenabr said...

Cool outfit:)

Teenage (ariel) Dirtbag said...

those shoes are so darling!

Every Little Counts said...

where were you shooting? the location is stunning, and i especially love the treehouse.

amber jene' said...

Ah love the look!
Very vintage bohemian!


jessica wu said...

you are insanely gorgeous.

i love your outfit. great photos!

Britty said...

i love the dress! you look great!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Okay, when I first saw your blog I was so stunned with the beautiful photos I didn't even realize this was a mother and daughter effort. That is so fabulous! What a lovely idea! That officially makes this blog one of my newfound favorites. :)

This outfit is gorgeous. I love the colors. And you have such pretty hair!

PS. Yes, let's follow each other! I have already added you.

cla-sib said...

your blog is so amazing...Like the photos you take in the nature..

Love Claudia

Anonymous said...

gorgeous darling
i simply adore your blog, keep it up!
love it
thanks for sharing
and thanks for the sweet comments

check out my blog @

claulovesfashion said...

OMG!! Nice picss.... LOVELYY.. I LOVE UR SHOES!!

fOLlow me GiRLS!! =;-D



M a z p e said...

your pictures are great! amazing style, beautiful scenery too and just the fact that is a mother-daughter blog is adorable :-) i miss my mummmyy (i livre away from home) im following you too


M a z p e said...

and also thanks for your lovely comment!


M.rolez said...

I love your MOSCHINO`Belt , so cute.
ok I will follow you , and you too ok?

XOXO and nice pictures ;)

A and A said...

Hello Loves,
Hope your holidays were full of all things "goodness". Love this shoot. You both accomplished making lod vintage look modern and edgy... love anything of this nature. You are beautiful!
xxx lots of love from San Francisco.
Amy and Alex


OuJo said...

love ur blog!!!
the photos are amazing (wich camera do u use?) but also all the outfits!

I'm following u ;)


Roz said...

What a great location for a shoot! I've just had a quick look through your previous posts and they're all really good- liking the style of photography.
My favourites here are the ones on the platform in the trees. Have a very whimsical feel in my opinion.
Thanks for the lovely comment. And I'd be very happy to swap blog links!


Marine said...

these pics are so adorable ! thanks for your sweet comments =)

b.entrance said...

Nice outfit! Your blog is really cool :) I'm following


Maha M said...

that top is just GORGEOUS!!! you look so beautiful in these pics.

Meho xx

valncami said...

thank you all!

VestedBeeVintage said...

one more from me Valeri & Camilla!
you're sooo gorgeous! love the outfit & photos!

ffocuss said...

Beautiful shots. Great location!

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit, and pictures!

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Loving the retro print on that top!

Heini said...

Looking soooo pretty!

Marine said...

thanks for following ! i'm now part of your members too ! =)

Marine said...

I'm you're 100th follower. yipeee !

Liv said...

I want the shoes !!

hahha, lovely blog :)

Liv. xx

michelle_ said...

thanks for your comment at my blog :D
i loveddd this postt !
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michelle_ said...

perfect outfit . perfect background (the treetop location is AMAZING!) . perfect lighting from the back. and pretty person !

i love ur buttoned leggings very much !

TheGlamorousEccentric said...

the mary jane shoes are so sweet! i really enjoy your site!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog!

Chloe said...

lovely dress!

JOWY said...


One Love,

FashionJazz said...

Your pics are stunning and of course I luv the outfit!! : ) xxx

Trendy or die said...

Cute outfit ang gorgeous fotos!
You now have a new follower:)
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Barbora said...

That top is lovely. I wonder where do you get all those beautiful clothes..
Please visit & follow
"fashionably tasteful.have a bite"

Jenna said...

You are so pretty! Wow!

E said...

STUNNING photos and that wonderful top is incredible! I love all of the interesting pieces that you're wearing here!

Ilse said...

ohhh I have seen this picture on lookbook!! haha. nice outfit!

Nadia said...


Anonymous said...

i just found your blog and its actually amazing. thats so cool you guys do a joint one, i love it x

Anonymous said...

OH WOW, Camilla! You look HOT! So gorgeous and the deepest eyes! Wonderful job girls. All of your posts are inspiring!

loft in soho said...

Great shots and outfit!!!!
I loooove your blog and your style!


em.me.ma said...

oh beautiful pics!