Into The Woods

Vintage fur wrap belted with vintage Moschino belt, denim leggings from LF boutique,Boots Miss Sixty and crop top with gloved sleeves Comme Des Garcon
 This weekend Camilla and I wanted to find a new different spot to shoot some recent vintage finds mixed with a few of the designer archives I've saved from my youth. When Emmett heard about our shoot he said he had the perfect spot. So all of us Camilla, Emmett and I went to check it out, which was out into the woods to shoot. We deemed Emmett the location expert and assistant for the day which he was excellent at when he wasn't swinging through the trees, Literally!


 The Hat Camilla is wearing is vintage Fred Hanson. The spot Emmet brought us to was fabulous and we ended up shooting two other pieces which we will be posting later. I think we will be going back again it's a lovely place and so secluded and peaceful.
XO Valerie and Camilla


soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Love the location choice! And the first photo with the hat is just gorgeous. xx

Maha M said...

that is such a beautiful place to shoot at, wow you're lucky to have found it. and Camilla looks absolutely divine in this outfit, everything about it is just GORGEOUS!

Meho xx

Paola said...

Amazing photos!!!

A gorgeus report!!



The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Love the moschino belt!

Tati said...

wow camilla
i LOVE your shoes
and is it strange to say your hair is really pretty? haha well it is. i also think the fur is fabulouss and i love how you modernized it with an old belt.
keep posting!

Style Bird said...

I love the belted fur, your hair, the hat and I love the photos. xoxo ava

Moselle said...

The Fur with the Moschino belt is superb! Excellent styling, great setting.


Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

I love the concept of your blog ladies! Camilla, those boots are killer. Love your whole look. Beautiful!! xoxo

issa said...

LOVE IT! fantastic photos.. and the fur wrap.... WANT.

Pauli said...

i love pictures in forest and desert.

Style of a Fashionista said...

Thank you for your lovely comment you left on my blog and also recommending your blog I totally love it and what great style you both have xx

J'aime said...

Lovely blog. It is brilliant. You have such lovely long hair, and I defintely love the moschino belt. :)
Good, inspiration location aswell.


M. said...

I love your blog too! Thank you for following mine :)
I'm following yours now too !!


Krimly said...

Thanks for your lovely comments!
you're so beautiful!and the photos of your blog are amazing! I lov them!

I am following you too :)

Barbora said...

Thanks for your nice comments,it means a lot to me. Your blog is really cute! I am following you hon.


J & L said...

Thanks for the comment and for telling us about your website! I've added it to our blog roll!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Gorgeous photos! You are so beautiful. :) I love your fur coat and the boots are incredible! That hat is simply adorable on you too!

Every Little Counts said...

that top photo is stunning (although they all are)... very reminiscent of jerry hall.

Gussie said...

You look so beautiful ion these pictures! I love the clothes too-especially the fur xx

cupcake♥trash said...

the first photo is fabulous.


amber jene' said...

The fur vest is to die for!
The Moschino belt added such a great touc!
So beautiful!
Thank you soo much for the comment !
You definitely just gained a new follower, as well.


vintage steez

Jodes said...

Oh my goodness!
I adorrreeeee fur(vintage only, of course) and that fur coat just makes me want to get a cigarette holder and drink martinis all day.
Fab, indeed!
Your girls' styles in front of and behind the camera are the cutest.


Iva said...

what a FANTASTIC location!! and an amazing shoot!

Valencia Lia said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!!

I really adore this photo shoot,and all were taken so beautifully.
Adore all the outfits here and that they vintage,I love them even more now.

following your blog right now<3

Sofi said...

Love the shoot!The whole thing is beautiful, especially like the third picture, and the last ones look like you were having so much fun:)
And your boots are FABULOUS. I do not yet have a good pair of boots (the ones I wore for the last shoot Tati and I did are super uncomfortable)and there are so many choices out there!
And I am so lucky to have a friend to blog with :) esspecially one who lives down the street with a really nice camera... :)
What I want to do sometime in the future is make a blog post with all of my friends, dress them all up and take lots of pictures! that is my goal for the blog but we shall see...
Anyway great pictures and amazing outfit, as always!

bananas. said...

camilla looks fabulous in those vintage looks. LOVE the fur coat and boots. and the setting is perfection.

Blade said...

The first photo of you with the hat is the one. It's Great


NYC Street Fashion photos

A and A said...

What a gem... this blog, the two of you... very special. Gorgeous hat! Have a thing for hats right now, can't get enough.
Come and see us if you get a chance, you'll like the environments we shoot in (my best friend and I)... all nature.

xx lots of love from San Francisco.
Alex and Amy


FashionJazz said...

Wow, ur pics are amazing,very stylish!!! Hope u have a lovely day :) xx

Ellevictoire said...

these photos really took my breath away. very glamourous and amazing. the makeup too!

katyyya said...

location is super!
and red lips+blonde=classik :)

Blue is in Fashion said...

Really cool pics!!

ilovecoolthings said...


thanks for the comment and following! i will definetely return the favor.

i love the shot of Camilla in the black bowler hat with the red lips and serious face. BEAUTY.

a kiss x

Nathalie said...


Thanks for the visit and leaving a comment in my blog!

So happy yo have discover yours too, really loving it! Why haven't I notice you before? I've missed a great blog! Will definitly follow you by now!

Love almost everything from your outfit: the fur vest, the Moschino belt (perfection!) and the boots...well, you look amazing!

Rianne said...

amazing photo's! You look great, i love the moschino belt en your boots.

Anonymous said...

love it darling
thanks for sharing
you look flawless in all of these photos, beautiful
and thanks for the sweet comments

check out my blog @

Nathalie said...

Yes, I'm already following you with blogspot! I'm the second follower, the one with the cat nose, notice it? ;-)

jessica wu said...

your look is so chic and expensive looking! love the fur and the boots are gorgeous.


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

these are amazing pictures! i especially love the top images. your hair is gorgeous too!

Rianne said...

thank you for the comment! I added the followers thing in my menu so you can follow me there


Faridah said...

Aww, wow, this is a beautiful shoot! I love the fur and that awesome belt. I've always wanted one of those belts.

Blonde Chicette said...

Thanks so much for the comment!
I loove your blog! the mother/daughter collaboration is spectacular.

xx, Shannon

FashionHippieLoves said...

great blog, with wonderful girls!!!


Sophie said...

Wow awesome pictures

Becca said...

Hello :) I love this blog, it has a great idea! Definitely following you :)
Thank u for comment and following :)
This red lipstick fits you very much :)




Carolyn @ The Daydreamer said...

You are so beautiful! I love the blonde fur in the first few photos :)

FrouFrouu said...

Gosh, you're beautiful. Feeling the playfulness of these photos, great mood. That super cropped top and the hat are genius!

michelle_ said...

RE: yep you should definately see new moon ! hope you've seen it now :)
the theater is always packed here in Jakarta . pple are lining up for new moon ! :)

am following ur blog by the way .
mind following me back ?

O'Style said...

I am completly in love with that fur!



IDYLLE said...

woow, your hair is so beautiful,
i love the fake? fur

Cindy Whitehead said...

Great photo story - the look is super!

Keep forgetting to ask you girls if you would like to exchange links?

Love your blog - as always!

Kinsey said...

Beautiful boots! Gorgeous hair!!!
beautiful photos as well!

Amber said...

great photo´s!!!!!!
thanks for your reaction and following me !!!!
xoxo am
check my other posts!!!

Juliet said...

so beautiful! Just more than perfect! Her hair has the perfect lenght!

juliet xxx

The Photodiarist said...

SUPERB PHOTOS! What an excellent spot! Congrats Emmet! The light is great too. Love that black hat!

Caylee said...

completely beautiful pictures! i loved them all. :) you two are such a cool team, i wish my mom was willing to do all of this stuff with me! <3 Caylee

geri said...

absolutely gorgeous! love the belt ;)

CAMILLE said...

lovely blog..the belt does look great!