Isabel Toledo and Payless

Fabulous designer Isabel Toledo is doing a line of shoes and bags for Payless that is due out in September. This Collaboration is most likely one you don't want to miss.  You can read more about her collection here and WWD. I love the fact that she says she is a "walker" because as much as I love heels they are not always practical for running around the town. We all know that Isabel's shoes are going to be as she stated "playful and bold but also comfortable." I can't wait to see them all especially the "Cuban heel gillie" and the "Almost a Slingback"
I have loved Isabel Toledo since the 1980's and her husband Ruben has to be one of my most favorite illustrators. They are the epitome of the the perfect fashion couple, both so talented and amazing and perfect together they even almost look like each other.
Last summer while Camilla and I were in NY we had the opportunity to see the exhibit at FIT which was beautiful and inspiring. What can I say she is impeccable and I would die to own one of her pieces. So here I come Payless:) 


Joie de Vivre

This past weekend we celebrated Camilla's 18th birthday. We wanted to share the happy day with a shoot celebrating our Joy of Life that we have right now
   The day before Camilla's birthday I pulled out this dress I have kept for her from my closet of precious keepers. It is by the designer ISAIA. 
Never heard of him? 
Isaia Rankin was designer in NY back in the 80's who made clothes out of cotton lycra. But he also combined it with other fabrics like cashmere, turning it into body conscious, modern, and sleek designs that were also affordable. He was a huge hit in the late 80's and sold out regularly at stores like Barneys and Charivari. He was actually a genius and on top of that a really wonderful person. He would go to Barneys and pretend to be a sales person to get the customers take on his clothes. I remember the time I went up to his studio to visit a friend who worked with him and that was the first and only time I met Isaia. But he was so gracious and kind and I thought my friend had the best job ever.
Sadly, Isaia died at the young age of 35 and with his death the company couldn't continue, even though they tried. I found this Video of him on Fashion TV Flashback that is so worth watching. It shows him and his clothes and will surely make you smile. When I showed the video to Camilla and her friend,  her friend said  "Oh wow, it looks like American Apparel!" to which I replied  "Well, there would be no American Apparel if there hadn't been ISAIA.
You tell me what you think? But he was fabulous, and he made a lot of people smile:)
 So,  Joie de Vivre and Enjoy!
Valerie and Camilla

Think Spring

Bruce Weber shot this for W to "celebrate admirable woman" 
I love the styling by Camilla Nickerson, the paper flowers and hats make a nice celebration of
spring. I also love that Iris Apfel is one of the "admirable woman" they featured. It is so easy to forget the fashionable as they age, Iris has never stopped being fashionable and at 88 she still rocks her style and fashion sense. Just see for yourself how awesome she is.



It's been a really long time since we've had the opportunity to do a shoot with our gorgeous friend Maggie. Not since Here or There, but this past weekend provided the sunny sky's, my brother provided his boat and the girls brought their smiles! 
I have been wanting to shoot a few of my favorite designs from an old collection I produced with my husband back in 1989. Camilla fit the romper brilliantly and the Sandra Dee dress appeared to be made for Maggie. The collection was designed around the concept of surf clothes for woman. Although we lived in NYC, my husband was a long time skater from the Dog Town era wearing Van's and OP's skating through the streets. We felt there needed to be a girls line with the same California vibe and that is how we came up with this. The really funny and crazy thing is the surf industry namely Quiksilver also thought so, and in 1990 Roxy was born. We were just in our early 20's at the time with no money to speak of or backing, but we have often thought wow, what if. 
 Sandra Dee as Gidget and the inspiration behind the line.

Camila's fabulous shoes we just bought at Nordstroms and are by 

XX Valerie and Camilla


Last Day in Palm Springs

Our last day in Palm Springs Camilla and I did a little shopping while the guys hit the skate park.
I saw this hat by Milliner Lola Ehrlich and fell in love. I adore hats and tend to buy them a lot, but I haven't bought a great hat in a while. Lola's hats are by far the most flirty, fun hats I have seen lately and still easy to throw on with a cute dress or even jeans.
Also, isn't the one with the big flower is adorable?
I think a great Hat is a must have for spring and summer.
Camilla tried on this dress from BCBG's runway collection. The fit was perfect and we loved the detailed ruched up side with sheer pops of the fabric. Sorry about the color of the pictures, we took them in the fitting room and the light was terrible.  
My next big must have for the spring and summer is a beautiful pair of espadrilles. They are cheap and easy and come in all sorts of styles. I've been looking around and even looked in Palm Springs but the best place I think to get a pair is a site I found from Spain of course! You can even buy a basket full for the whole family. Gotta love that:)
So cute! Alexa sporting espadrilles at Coachella this past weekend.

 On our way out of town we met up with the guys at the famous Dino's. We haven't stopped here since forever! But it seemed like as good a place as any, to meet up and grab a soda for the drive home.
Goodbye Palm Springs.

XX Valerie & Camilla


Welcome to Palm Springs

We arrived in Palm Springs later in the day than first planned because it was said to be raining in the morning. Even though it was cooler the sky's were blue and the clouds fluffy with a dry wind. We just hung out at the pool in the hot tub and chilled the afternoon away.
Morning love at our Casita in the sun!
A view from our Casita's balcony to our pool.
Happy hour at the bar. I took the saturation down to give the photo a more vintage feel.
The Giant Bunny!
A ladybug that Emmett saved from the water drying her wings.
My mom in her Panama and scarf. The Panama Hat got a lot of use on this trip, everyone took turns wearing it to block the sun.
Flowers and birds were everywhere we turned. 
The Pansies reminded me of Alice in Wonderland.
This sweet little bird kept us company at the bar. He was missing a foot but he didn't seem to mind.
Passing the Panama!

Camilla and Valerie