I was inspired by the blogger style tease, when I stopped by her blog the other day and she had a project where she painted her flat mate and photographed her. It reminded me of a book I have had for years, that I absolutely find the most beautiful collaboration between two artists. I love collaborations, hence our blog. I feel people who truly inspire you to be a more creative version of yourself are sometimes rare to find. And when you find that person and it works, beauty happens. Veruschka broke onto the scene in the 60's as a top model and actress of the film Blow Up.  She has been photographed by all the greats, like Richard Avedon, as well as graced the covers of all the best magazines. In the 70's she meet Holger Truizsch a prominent painter and photographer, together they transformed her beyond recognition. The book is unbelievable and full of so many photos we had a hard time editing down to some of our favorites.

I just wanted to end by saying that so far, since Camilla and I have been blogging we have found some truly talented people who have inspired us in various ways. This weekend we are planning to shoot of some vintage pieces we found in the last month, and because it's also Thanksgiving break maybe we will end up getting to shoot more than one. Hope you all have a wonderful, inspired weekend. XO Valerie and Camilla


Lia in Strawberry Fields said...

wow this si amazing! I can't believe someone can actually do this! Incredible!

Sofi said...

This is so cool, really powerful. So amazing. The first one is kinda scary but still beautiful and the whole thing is such a great idea!

Heather said...

Hey girls. I'm following you now too. :) Great blog!

Best of luck on the $100 jewelry giveaway!


Lilee said...

wow the first ones are amazingggg!

Laura said...

These are amazing.
Thanks for mentioning my blog, its made my day!

bloomingvogue said...

WOW how great are these photos! Hard work but it's that worth!

michelle_ said...

this is aamaziinngg.
human art can be beyond what we can think of . damn creative bitches . im jealous

Anonymous said...

that's so artist .


O'Style said...

I would call it awsome art!


Tayler said...

Love the 3rd photo, its amazing! you have a follow for me <3


Dylana said...

Lovely blog!


Yuka said...

wow these are so interesting and cool!

michelle_ said...

thanks for those photo tips !
i will try it soon . hope the effect works with my compact camera :)

Anonymous said...

did a similar post a while back about liu bolin who does similar works of art
thanks for sharing
love it darling, love the blog as always
and thanks for the sweet comments

check out my blog @

Laetitia´s Comptoir said...

Great blog ang great photos!


Jodes said...

These are amazing!
Wow, simply incredible.
Have a fantastic thanksgiving weekend!

Mademoiselle HELI said...

beautiful talent.

thanks for commenting on my lookbook love heli

Jasmine said...

This is absolutely amazing. I can't believe how realistic they are. Kind of haunting, I love it! Thanks for following :) I'm following you guys now too, and on bloglovin :)

A and A said...

So happy you enjoy our blog! We will definitely be following you as well. Love this post, your words of collaboration are so eloquently put. It is rare to find a person who gets you (all of you) so well, that there is not much else to do but latch on and let the inspirations flow. We are both very close with are mothers and their style and love of the arts has always inspired us (no doubt they are why we are where we are) so to see such an adorable mother/daughter team like the two of you is truly exciting! Look forward to more amazing collaborative posts!

Anonymous said...

this is a really wonderful post and i could not agree with you more about collaboration and sparks generated by two or more people who stimulate each other!

i truly appreciate your idea of blogging through both of your eyes and minds ... xx

ffocuss said...

I remember these photos- good work.