Scarves, Scarves, Scarves! The Liberty of London way

Is there such a thing as having too many scarves?
I personally don't think so. I have been collecting scarves for a long time and got Camilla on the band wagon too, so between the both of us, we have quite a few. With so many ways to wear them there always seems to be a new reason to buy just one more. Lately I've been into the head scarf and also using a long scarf as a belt by wrapping it around and around a dress or long skirt.

I recently found these "how to tie a scarf series" from Liberty of London and thought they were great! Besides the fact I lOVE! that you get to listen to a really cute french girl tell you the right way to wear them.

Enjoy and have fun trying out new fun ways to tie your scarf.
Click HERE for more scarf ideas.


Happy, Happy Birthday...

Today is Butterfly by Day's 1 year Birthday! 
Exactly one  year ago today we started our blog! To celebrate the occasion we put together some photos from a few of our favorite shoots of last year.
vintage shorts and bag with J Crew tee shirt, sandals Anthropologie
Both Camilla and Maggie are wearing Calypso dresses with vintage boys blazers, Chia Mihara boots and DIY cowboys
Vintage fur stole from the 1950's, Vintage Moschino belt, Comme Des Garcon top with built in gloves, Miss sixty boots and leggings from LF boutique.
Vintage John Paul Gaultier top belted with Anthropologie wrap belt and vintage pendant
Vintage Romeo Gigli skirt, Vintage jacket from 1950's. knee hi's American Apparel, Jeffery Campbell shoes.
Camilla in Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, Maggie in Marc Jacobs top and Corey Lynn Calter skirt from Anthropologie, shoes Jeffery Campbell and Frye
Vintage Comme Des Garcon jacket, Shoes Anthropologie, Stockings Free People
Vintage sequins top, Shorts LF boutique, Boots Jeffery Campbell
DIY sweater, hat Abercrombie Mens, Stockings Free people and DIY over the knee's
 Camilla and Maggie are both in designs from a past collection.
Romper and dress own designs and Jeffery Cambell shoes
Our very first post August 24, 2009 of Camilla wearing a dress from LF boutique and Jeffery Campbell shoes

It's been a wonderful year and we have met and come across so many talented, creative people who inspire us every day. Thank you to everyone who stops by and continues to support and follow us, we truly appreciate you all.

We also want to thank Maggie for being a part of the beginning of our blog and taking part in so many fun shoots. She's off to school now so good luck Maggie!

Now we leave you with a fun song from the 80's by Altered Images

XX Valerie and Camilla

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Mon Amie la Rose

"I was born at dawn
Baptized  in dew
I blossomed
Happy and in love
In the rays of the sun."

The beautiful song by Francoise Hardy "Mon Amie la Rose" 
was the inspiration behind our shoot. 
Enjoy her lovely voice and gorgeous face as you listen to the song.


The dress Camilla is wearing is a dress she found when she was just twelve years old. I had taken her vintage shopping for the first time to some great shops on Melrose and to the Fairfax flea market. I told her to just look around and if she saw something that spoke to her, grab it. She came up to me after just the first shop and showed me this dress saying "look at this!"

I knew I had found my vintage shopping buddy. 
She had the eye and without any training. My first though was "Brilliant!"

We paired it with the Jeffery Campbell boots I had bought at the LF "sale of the season" last fall and some jewelry from India that her dad brought back. Then headed to our favorite locale that Emmett discovered and shot these photos.
Have a wonderful weekend!
 Valerie and Camilla


Inspiration Wednesday

Because it's Wednesday, the notrious day of the week where most people wake up and say "Is it Friday yet?" We decided we needed a little inspiration to keep going for the rest of the week.
 I found this editorial at TFS shot by Javier Vallhonart for Vogue UK
and think it is amazing. The styling is ultra feminine which I am so feeling right now. The full circle skirt with a belted tiny knit sweater, is so perfectly Mad Men (which i am a huge fan of) that I just love it. Of course the pieces are Prada, Dolce and Gabbana and Marc Jacobs so the price tags are steep, but the look is so attainable at reasonable priced stores and through vintage. 


We also wanted to share this Missoni Fall 2010 movie campaign shot by one of my all time favorite filmmakers Kenneth Anger. He is a genius and experimental filmmaker who has been producing work since the late 1930's. 
Sorry, we know that we have have been quite lazy bloggers lately. The pleasant change in the weather has brought about lounging at the beach or on our deck when we are not bogged down with work. So that means we haven't taken the time to let you all know how much we appreciate your comments and the fact that you still take the time to show us your love even though we have been lacking. 

 Blogger Tati from Fashion Forward did an interview with Camilla and I for her blog and if you are interested in reading it you can visit Tati Here to see what she asked and read more about us.

Hope your day is inspirational!
XX Valerie and Camilla


Dont Let The Sun Go Down On Me

 The last of the pieces we shot from Alpinestars was the the Vegan Leather jacket from ASTARS

This is the piece that Denise gave Camilla. The Fuchsia color is amazingly fun and the look and feel of the faux leather make it hard to believe it's not real.

It has not been the warmest of summers at the beach this year. Lately most days are in the high 60's with fog and marine layer. Just one mile inland its 10 degrees warmer and sunny. When we finally did this shoot it was sunny but only in the mid sixties and the end of the day. We were hoping to get a great sunset but Camilla was getting too cold.

We decided to go up to Palos Verdes point yesterday because although the day was gloomy, it looked like we were going to get a bit of end of the day sun.
We were wrong about the sun but the the view is always amazing and it can give you a total attitude adjustment.

  The location is just the other side of Bluff Cove. In the last picture you can see the trail that leads down to the beach. Surfers trek down the long dirt path to catch waves that break further out than the local beaches. 

Camilla is wearing a vintage 1960's bathing suit in the last pictures, a la Sandra Dee.
Vintage Levis 501's and Jeffrey Campbell Nation Boots in the first set of Photos.
Necklaces are Camilla's favorite Dali Lama and her St Christopher who protects surfers in the ocean.

Also, we received an email from Guide to Art Schools and they put us on a list they compiled of Best Fashion Blogs. We are completely honored to be on a list that consists of Am-Lul's closet, Fashiontoast, Wildfox, and Cherry Blossom Girl
Click the link below and see who else is honored because there are a lot of great blogs to see.

XX Valerie and Camilla