A Winters Tale

With the Holidays upon us everyone is planning, shopping and partying. Going to Holiday parties means you get to dress up in your finest, maybe buy something new and hopefully turn a few heads when you walk into the room.
Inspired by the Sultry, Glamorous looks of old Hollywood's leading ladies from the 1930's like Garbo, Lombard and Dietrich off we went into the woods to shoot.
All eyes are on you as you make your entrance. Your hair in effortless tousled curls, lips red as a rose, skin white as snow, a fur coat loosely draped around your shoulders to keep you warm from the brisk winter-y air. Your dress is a shinning gem - one of a kind and looks as if you hand picked it from Carole Lombard's closet. Strutting up to the first guy you see, you flip your hair, and in a cool, low voice say 
"Hello Handsome." 
Just another night on the town...
"Glamour is what I sell, it's my stock in trade"
Marlene Dietrich
"Don't Kiss and talk about it - men don't."
Carole Lombard
"I am not afraid of nothing except being bored."
Greta Garbo
We styled the shoot with a long lace dress from Free People, underneath we put a gold sequin slip for more glitter. Topped it off with a vintage fake fur cape then added lots of rings and necklaces. We curled Camilla's hair into long waves and of course applied deep red lipstick. For shoes, (although you don't see them) we used Jeffrey Campbell's black tick booties, that brought the look back to a current feel.
The ending of "A Winters Tale" at sunset in the woods felt like an Enchanted Fairytale.

We were featured on Lori's Shoes go check it out! 
They put up a blog post and also have Camilla featured on their web sites banner.  Lori's also has an amazing selection of shoes, bags and accessories and right now a lot of our favorite shoes are already on sale!

Valerie and Camilla


Nerd Boyfriend

My Ultimate guilty pleasure is the blog Nerd Boyfriend.
It's a style blog for guys but how can a fashion gal not be concerned about
what her man wears. 
This blog is the most genius blog I have scene in a while. I keep coming back to find out what awesome vintage photo this person has found and where to get the stuff.
I saw this Beatles photo on itunes then skipped over to Nerd and low and behold Nerd has it up with the links for find your very own George, Paul, John and Ringo look.

Just hop on over and skim through the site to see what Nerd Boyfriend has going on for your man, you won't be sorry.


Work Week, What We Wore 3

  Vintage army jacket, blush colored sequin, silk tee shirt from J Crew, Gold brocade skirt also J Crew, Charles David boots,Tights and socks from Anthropologie, skinny patent belt J Crew, Pearl beaded headband from Urban Outfitters.
 Blush Chiffon dress from Calypso, Olive green jacket from Anthropologie, Boots and lace tights from Anthropologie, 
Rings Free People, Necklaces gifts.

We just picked up these new boots by Charles David and the Brown Booties from Anthropologie and have been wearing them to death.
Both are awesomely comfortable when you have a long day on your feet.

This is a video from the Photographer David Eustice of Ballerina Tomoni Sato.  
 The music is maybe a bit eerie with it's music box sound but we still like the piece for it's visual beauty and thought we'd share it with you. 
a blog by Anthropologie

Have a Beautiful Day!
XX Valerie and Camilla


My Beautiful Laundrette

 LOVE, LOVE! these photos shot by Steven Meisel for Vogue U.S. back in 2005
with the lovely Gemma Ward, Lily Donaldson and Caroline Trentini. 



Hitting H & M soon!
Will you wait in line for a pick of the most fabulous collaboration that H&M has done in a while?
November 23rd this amazing video will come to life at your local store.
I think you better get your sleeping bags ready if you want your very own Lanvin.

HaPpY FrIdAy


Hitting the Bar

Since I am totally addicted and I now have Camilla on board too, I felt the need to share my most biggest addiction with all of you. It's not the newest bag or shoe because to me it's way, way better. It's called The Bar Method and I have been hitting the Bar at the least three times a week for the last year and a half. This is the most challenging workout ever and it totally transforms your body because the better you get with your form the harder it gets. I finally brought Camilla this summer after constant prodding from me to go and coming home after each class expressing how hard of a workout it was. She didn't believe me until she started the class. Camilla is a cross country runner and worked out every day except Sunday with her team, so she thought it sounded easy. The first time I brought her she struggled through the class like everyone does their first time and left without much thought of coming back. That was until she woke the next morning with her muscles more sore than ever before. She decided to come back and now she's as big of a believer as I am in what The Bar Method can do for your body. 
 This is a ballet conditioning inspired workout but you won't be dancing around the studio remembering the days of ballet classes from your youth. You will be challenged and breathing hard all the while your legs will shake and you will wonder why the heck your here putting yourself through this torture until you finish the class and walk out that door with a new found respect for yourself. The respect is that you made it through the class and actually feel great,  until the next morning when you can't walk and you still find yourself back at the studio wanting more.
Burr Leonard is the founder of this workout and since she opened her flagship in San Francisco it has grown with studios coast to coast with a huge following.
I actually stumbled upon the bar Method because of a reoccurring back injury from many years of Snow Boarding which  made it hard to work out or run like I was used to. The Bar method is great for injuries because  all the exercises are developed with a physical therapist so knee and back problems are not a issue anymore while you get the most intense workout ever.
This is Burr doing thigh work and I bet you can't guess her age!
 My favorite studio in Hermosa Beach owned by the beautiful Millie and all the gorgeous instructors with rocking bodies that keep us coming back.
And the fairly newly opened Soho studio that I plan to visit the next time I'm in NYC.
The best workout after a day of indulgence and with the holidays almost upon us I know I'll be indulging like I always do. 

Yes we know we have been on a blogging hiatus but we are starting up again and have a few shoots up our sleeves. Promise to get back to all you wonderful people who have been commenting this weekend:)

XX Valerie and Camilla


Every Picture Tells A Story

When Lori's Shoes contacted us about doing another shoot for their blog and web store we were more than delighted and up for the task.
Visions of rock stars and fashion icons of the past streamed through our heads when we first saw the tan fringe bag by Cut N Paste. The warm carmel color of the leather and the soft, distressed look, gave the illusion that the bag already had a rich history. Inspired by Rolling Stones girlfriend Anita Pallenberg and Beatles gal Patti Boyd, we immediately decided to style the new bag with textures and pieces that evoked the rock chick’s vibe. 
"There goes a gal, In the pretty skirt with a golden smile
That made you feel new"
Bella by Angus and Julia Stone
"There she sits with them big old field of daisies and rusty mills. 
And when the sun it shines on her hair of gold,
She's beautiful"


Work Week, What We Wore 2

Chiffon rose blouse from LF boutique, Vintage 501 Levi's, Jeffery Campbell Boots.
 Blazer and chiffon blouse from LF Boutique, Skinny Cargos by Level 99 from Anthropologie,
 Boots by Jeffery Campbell, chain necklace Free People, beads Energy Muse.

It was a long week with not too much free time but today we got out and did another shoot for Lori's Shoes. 
We will be posting it next week after we send them the photos for their Blog.

The shoot was to review a bag this time and our inspiration was a combination of Anita Pallenberg, Patti Boyd and Jane Birkin. 
We can't wait to show you.

Until then this is a quick outfit post 
Happy Weekend!

XX Valerie and Camilla



 "He who loves, flies, runs and rejoices; he is free and nothing holds him back."
Henri Matisse
DANCE (II) 1910
A few weeks back we did this shoot with Camilla's friend Lisa. She is such a talented girl in all forms of the arts. She is not only a photographer but a dancer and artist. She inspired this shoot of Dance with her elegance and grace. Lisa also shot the photos of Camilla at the end of our shoot with her. 
I wanted to put Lisa in a flowy dance inspired piece so she is wearing a long silk chiffon skirt as a dress and belted with a vintage silk scarf. The color of the skirt was perfect for her skin and the chiffon provided the exact fluid movement we were looking to capture.

XX Valerie and Camilla