In These Boots...

"I'd go the whole wide world
I'd go the whole wide world 
Just to find her"
"I'd go the whole wide world
I'd go the whole wide world 
Find out where they hide her"
It's a sunny afternoon, perfect for taking a walk down by the bay. The wind blows through my hair as I carefully trail along the path while looking towards the horizon. I can not help but notice my comfort. I feel as if I am exploring a new land but at the same time I feel free. In these boots, I could walk for miles.
This is the shoot we did for Loris shoes. Camilla is wearing the
Sam Eldeman, Pierce boots from Lori's shoe store. 
You can ALSO go to their BLOG and see our post HERE.

We styled the boots by pairing them with a pale flowy chiffon dress to create a more feminine, soft feeling. Then belted the dress with a vintage silk scarf and topped it off with an army green fitted shirt. For a finishing touch and keeping with the feminine look we braided Camilla's hair, added flowers, girlie bobbles on the arms then completed the look with beautiful floral tights.

Dress and Shirt LF boutique
Jewlery J Crew

We needed to finish our post with Nancy.
These boots were made for walkin'

XX Valerie and Camilla


Come Sail Away

In our home town just about 2 miles off the coast we have had a rare and majestic sight for the past few months. Beautiful Blue Whales have come here to feed on krill and the gentle giants are causing quite a stir in the quiet beach towns. Our ocean has been much colder than normal for this time of year, it actually never warmed up to summer temps so it was perfect for the Blue Whales to come and feed. Blue Whales are mostly never in these parts of the ocean and never at least in about 50 years been this close to shore. We have had the opportunity to go out sailing a few times this past month on my brothers sail boat and view the giant creatures. I can not even begin to explain how huge they are, I would say the ones we saw were close to 80 feet long. All the photos are by Camilla and Emmett taken while my brother sailed the boat and I needed to not move around too much because I get terribly seasick. These are some of my favorite shots that Camilla and Emmett took on various trips to sea. 

We Hope everyone has been having a wonderful weekend.
 The weather has finally turned to Summer even though now all we want is Fall. It is like we were jipped on our Summer and hopefully now we won't be jipped for Fall. Oh Mother Nature! I guess I really can't complain it is nice way to enjoy your Sunday:)

Camilla and I have been busy with a photo shoot for Lori's Shoes and will be posting the photos next week, so stay tuned!

XX Valerie and Camilla


Something old Something new

Just a few of our favorite must have products, some are old stand by's and some are new additions but we love them so much we wanted to share our most favorite products with you.
The Clarisonic face brush is the best for keeping your face smooth and clean. We have been using this brush for about three years and swear by it. It leaves my skin smoother and reduces pores. Believe me it's worth every penny.
This is just about the most amazing product on the market and NOW they have Morocccan oil LIGHT for finer hair. I absolutely love this stuff!  It makes my hair smooth and believe it or not, feel thicker. You need less than a pea size amount to rub through wet hair then style.   I think it's better than all the hair smoothing products out there.
Our newest love are these two nail colors Chanel's "Khaki rose" and Deborah Lippmann "waking up in Vegas". I can not tell you how many complements we have gotten while wearing these. I don't even know which one is better because they both look so great on BOTH of our skin tones and are perfect neutrals for fall.

Have a great day!



Wish We Were There

Couldn't have said it better than Andre Walker did. Amazing collection.


Working Girls and What we Wore

Dress from LF boutique, Slip is Free People
Belt J Crew, Boots Italian Moto from Anthropolgie, Cuff from India
Lace Tunic from Anthropologie, Belt J Crew, Boyfriend Jacket Lf Boutique,
Jeans AG's Tomboy, Shoes Chie Mihara, Silver chain necklace Free People, 
Beaded necklaces Energy Muse, Beaded Bracelets India

Since we are both working a lot right now and haven't had time to do any creative shoots lately, we thought it would be fun to start doing a weekly blog post of what we wore to work each week.  Neither of us has time to take a picture of our outfits everyday and our schedules don't always line up so we thought we'd pick just one outfit a week to post.  Anyways, this happened to be a day we both were home around the same time, it was a little challenging with the light but it seemed to work out good enough for the post. Now it's time for bed I need to be on the road at 7am tomorrow.

XX Valerie and Camilla



PAPER please!

To be honest I rarely read American Fashion Magazines. I tend to read them in Dr. offices or when I am Flying and depending on how long the flight is, I usually grab a few to go along with a book.  When I do, I find myself flipping through all of them at the Airport stand trying to find which one peaks my interest. Don't get me wrong I used to read them all the time, as a kid I subscribed to Seventeen then Elle then Vogue. But as I grew up the American Magazines lost my interest and I turned to the UK, Italy and France for fashion direction and inspiration. Then when I moved to New York I came across a new type of Magazine called PAPER and quickly added that to my list. PAPER Magazine was created in the 1980's by Kim and David two creative geniuses who started the magazine as a 16 page fold out like a newspaper. It focused on Downtown culture and hip young upstarts in the Art and Fashion world. It was based downtown in a cool loft and everyone who surrounded the magazine exuded fresh energy and their ideas on fashion were not the typical 7th Avenue style. My husband at the time was a staff member and because of that I got to go with him to all the ultra hip PAPER parties. PAPER now has a new Glossy style to go along with the other mags at the newsstands but don't be deceived by appearances it has not lost it's independent cool. Then, this year Kim Hastreiter, was finally recognized by the CFDA.  On Friday I received our September issue in the mail  and was inspired once again by the fashion editorials, art and writing. 
Here is a glimpse of the editorials from this month.
 The Secret Garden 
Photographed by Katherine Wolkoff
Styled by Martha Violante
The New New Look.
Photographed by Autumn De Wilde
Styled by Shirley Kurata

In pure PAPER fashion
The next Editorial "She's got Balls" takes beautiful talented woman and transforms them into their Masculine side. I added  the pictures of what the woman really look like to show the transformation.
Veronica Webb
Gretchen Mol
 You will need to get  PAPER or go to PAPERMAG word up! to see who else was transformed.
When I heard this year that at the CFDA awarded Kim Hastreiter the Eugenia Sheppard Award I was elated. The CFDA awards have always notoriously gone to the usual suspects, there was really never any surprises. This is a quote of her acceptance speech June 8 2010.
"I’ve always been an outsider not only to the fashion industry, but in the other worlds I inhabit, from art to design to magazines. My passion is culture creation and this is what we do at PAPER, which we started 26 years ago at my kitchen table…
I share this award with — independent thinkers who inspire me and are not the usual suspects either. Because they are the catalysts for breaking new ground in the inseparable culture of where design, art, fashion, and style come from, and come together….
I hope the fashion world continues to look beyond the usual suspects. Just because you’re cute, connected, rich, or famous, doesn’t necessarily mean you design great stuff. I also wouldn’t put too much stock into this “one day your in- the next day you’re out” business. How you can be a genius today but next year you’re not because you’re “off trend?…
That said, I may continue to be a slightly thorny guest in this industry, but I’ll always adore and celebrate great fashion and the tidal waves that precede and follow it, so thank you again for honoring me and inviting me to such a fun party."  
 Kim Hastreiter 

Lastly you need to read the interview by Kim with fashion guru Sally Singer and shot by Todd Selby. Sally was recently hired as Editor-in-chief of T: The New York Times Style Magazine.

"People think that if they buy classics- a trench coat, or a v-neck sweater or a great pair of flat boots- they are safe because they've invested in things that are gonna last 20 years. But within six months, it's the wrong v-neck or flat boot, because suddenly the line is wrong.  Fashion people are stimulated by proportion shifting- getting taller, getting thinner. Hemlines go up, hemlines go down. Shoes get wacky, shoes get clunky, shoes get skinny.  The fastest things to date are those classics, cause it's just proportions laid bare.  There's nothing going on.  If you had invested in a feathered chubby or an incredible crinoline, it's never going to go out of style. I think the most eccentric things are the things that last the longest."
 Sally Singer

Valerie and Camilla


Lastest Obsessions

 Vanessa Bruno  fall 2010 line
Love the airy chiffon mixed with heavy boots and sweaters. 
When I first saw the line in March I loved it but now all I'm wanting to wear is feminine fabrics mixed with menswear and boots. 
We still haven't been to her new and first stateside boutique on Melrose,
Shameful YES! but soon.
Karen by Simonsen
Are you dying over that brocade dress? And once again soft, draped and feminine, LOVE!
See more of her Spring 2011 line HERE.
Do you have your over sized silk or chiffon blouse yet? 
Loving it with jeans. This fab chiffon blouse is from the LF boutique fall 2010 look book.
Hopefully in stores soon.
Love the menswear silhouette again but still a feminine cut of the jacket.
And great hair!
So a Major busy schedule for both of us lately has made for a MAJOR lack of posting. I recently went back to full time at work and Camilla is working too, as well as taking classes so we haven't had any time for fun shoots. 
Seriously, we have know idea how you all do it everyday with work, school, social activities, creative endeavors and then still have time to Blog! 
 It must just be pure organization which I'm striving for:)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.