A Peacock Debut

Here comes Halloween, Here comes Halloween, Halloween,Halloween...
Finally completed the costume last night and here is Camilla debuting right before running off to classes. I made the over skirt which was really easy I just took 2yards of  irridescent organza, sheared it and attached it to a ribbon. The top is made from a pair of silk hombre shorts Camilla found at the Goodwill. We bought this beautiful feather trim at Mood Fabrics and hand sewed it to the front waistband. The peacock tail we attached to the back of the top inside the waistband, fanned it out, and hand sewed in place. The headband Camilla stumbled upon while out with friends at this boutique in Manhattan Beach called LULU'S. There was no designer name or label inside which is a shame  since it is so beautiful.

Have a Safe Halloween everyone!

James Coviello and his New Store!

If you are in NYC please don't forget to make a stop at James Coviellos new store that just opened up in the East Village at 70 Orchard street. I met James back in 1990 in NY when he was working with his friend Anna Sui making her hats for her show and a Steven Meisel shoot that Anna was styling for. James is such an amazing designer he even did clothes under his name that sold at the store Anthropologie. He started his own line back in 2000 and quickly became recognized. I am proud to say that James made the earrings I wore at my wedding. I still have them but Camilla loved them so much as a toddler she would always take them out of my jewelry box and wear them out to play so the condition is not great but, they were always worn with love and style.

The Photos are taken from New York Magazine the Cut
James Coviello and his friend Anna Sui At the opening of his store
Congratulations James!
70 Orchard st, NYC


Vintage in the Park

Fall in California is really not anything like fall at all, it's actually hot in October because of the Santa Ana winds that blow in from the Deserts. We wanted it to feel a little more fall like so we went to this little park by our house that is called The Wilderness Park to photograph this beautiful vintage top from the 1920's.

The boots are by Chie Mihara

  And because Saturday is Halloween we thought you might like a little puppy love
We've been working really hard on costumes and will post it soon. We Hope you all have a happy
Halloween !

Everyone Hail to the Pumpkin King.

With 3 days left until Halloween, I feel it is necessary to tribute a movie that I have always loved. Every year since I was little, my brother and I have watched The Nightmare Before Christmas to kick off the season. It's something that i look forward to each year, so it's no surprise that I know all the songs and words to the script by heart. In 5th grade i went as Sally for Halloween. My mom made my costume, and all i can say is it was WAYYY better than that crappy one they sell at the Disney Store. :]



Up on the Roof

Lately Camilla and I have been doing our shoots on the roof of our house. Living here in the beach cities of California you don't get much of a back yard. And the little we've got has been taken over by a half pipe my husband and son built. I was vintage shopping the other day and found this beautiful beaded top that we have taken to wear as a dress. I wore it out the other night and got tons of complements. Here is Camilla rocking it in all her glory with booties and a fake fur wrap.

The booties are by Pink from Anthropolgie and the fake fur from Bebe
Dress vintage.


Last night my husband came home with the new Ever Fall/Holiday catalog. Ever is a LA based clothing company that makes the most awesome leather jackets and sportswear line. It's designed by Jason Bleick who was originally a design director at Quiksilver and worked with my husband when he was designing the Tony Hawk line. Jason has great style and works with the highest quality fabrics around. His line is not cheap but well worth the investment. Here's my picks from the fall collection.

Of course my picks are from the woman's line but the mens collection is amazing as well and so unbelievably cool that you'll want to buy it for your man.


Emmetts World

I love this picture and feeling of my brother Emmett. He has a great style and way about him. This shot is in Venice Beach, Ca. Notice the Graffiti Palms, they seem so fitting of the moment especially if you know him.


My Calypso Cravings

I know it's only October but we have already been thinking about the Holidays. With the crazy economy we have to start to plan ahead. I received this in my email today and fell in love. We definitely need a holiday party or two this year because both dresses by Calypso-Celle are divine.


"Diversity in Harmony"

COMME des GARCONS Jacket 1988 from Autumn-Winter collection

We hope you can see the beauty of the jacket that is why it's just simply worn nothing more, nothing less. 


That Poetic Feeling

Oh what an amazing grey day, like a mix of Jay Gatsby and Daisy. The Juxtaposition of boys blazers with soft petal and blush colored dresses, mixing of structured and flowing, hard boots and soft sand. The colors of the day seemed calming and dreamy. A perfect day to while away the hours watching the waves on the shore.

Boys Blazers vintage


Boots Chia Mihara and reconstructed vintage cowboys

dresses from Calypso-celle



Well, okay we are way behind, but yet another busy week! After going through the shows  from Paris and trying to decide on what to report we decided that the Chanel show was Rocking Fun. Oh my god, how can I express how much we loved the mix of textures in fabrics, the clogs, the hay and Live music by Lily Allen. Karl Lagerfeld is Genius and the collection so youthful and fun we both adored it.

Also the Chanel show had a lot of fabulous and wonderful people there who definitely understand fashion and know how to dress. Our Audience favorites were Sean Lennon and two beauties Irina Lazareanu and Kemp Muhl. One of our favorite photographers Ellen Von Unwerth was also on hand looking amazing in her 50's wearing skinny pants and boots. Yeah Ellen!