West Coast

"For a second there I thought you disappeared
It rains a lot this time of year"
"And we both go together if one falls down
I talk out loud like you're still around"
"And I miss you
I'm goin back home to the west coast
I wish you woulda put yourself in my suitcase"
Coconut Records
This is more from our lookbook shoot for Loris Shoes.
Inspired by the natural surroundings of our own beautiful beach we grabbed some vintage surfboards we have hanging around the house and headed down.
It was the morning after a huge rainstorm that had been plummeting down on us for days. And after a good storm the next morning is always divine.
All we needed was a vintage Volkswagen Bus and everything would have been perfect.
Camilla is wearing a maxi dress from Loris shoes.
Popped over the maxi is a Crochet hooded top from Free People.
And belted it with a beaded belt from Anthropologie
  Wrapped around Camilla's head is a scarf from Loris Shoes
The platforms are the Jeffery Campbell San Diego from Loris. 
Believe it or not but these platforms are very comfortable and easy to walk in.
It was a beautiful morning with not many people on the beach, mostly surfers. And although you can't tell by the amazing blue sky and sun it was damn cold.
Well, at least by Southern California standards it was.

Lately we have been ending a lot of our posts with a video. So why stop now?
Here's an oldie but a goodie
And the best version of this song to a video I've found also, it was shot by a film student.
"West Coast"
Coconut Records

HaPPy WeeKend!


Laura Nelson said...

wow, these photos are beautiful. The beach looks so nice and warm! I really want to travel down there :)

Jelka said...

awesome pictures!

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

i say whoohhooo for the color and the prints. love the scarf in her hair in combination with the belt, they are totally not the same, but the colors work out fabulously. that sweater is simple amazing, what a texture, what a knit, so easy breezy and perfect for summer. adore the combination with this loooonnngg skirt. the color looks phenomenal with her red/brown hair

yamina beyondURclothes said...

need vacations like your lookbook :)

xx ♥ yamina.

Sarah said...

Now I really want to go to the beach!

Georgie Lowen said...

In love with those shoes! I wish I wasn't a giant so I can wear incredible heels like that. My boyfriend hates it when I tower over him on nights out!


I am doing a giveaway over at my blog!

Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...

Amazing shoes!

BeautyBabiex said...

your absolutely stunning, i love these pictures!! xx

Julianna said...

perfect photos!!

sacramento said...

The blue sky, the sea, the sand, the green of the foliage. And above all the beauty of Camilla: maxi skirt, top,belt, shoes ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Pure poetry my dear friends.
I am in heaven everytime you post.

Lijn said...

I've got a question.

do you travel round the world for get amazing backgrounds like that?


It-Blogirls said...

Wow you can't imagine how these pictures are inspiring to me!
We missed seeing posts from you, and there, BAM, a GREAT post just like that!
Love it love it love it! How did you manage for the turban? You look great and we miss you both :)

Jessica said...

oh goodness, i cant say any other word except gorgeous!!
i love your crochet top so much!


S. said...

Tu es si belle ! so beautiful !
I love your style ! Thanks for the inspiration ;)
Kisses from Paris


Anonymous said...

Stunning photos love them

Anonymous said...

amazing pics and gorgeous shoes!!

Angeles Almuna Design said...

Fabulous pictures! and cool outfit, 70s, bohemian and relax...love it!
Kisses and come ti vist me!


I Love My Frames said...

Platformed heels are definitely the way forward. Photo's look great, think it's time to book my holidays!

Bad Joan said...

This entire post is great! Love the photography, the open knit sweater, and of course the coconut records song to go along with it! Great job.


KcomeKarolina said...

amazing pics!!! love the shoes!!!

xoxo from rome

Jerome C. said...

wow, so impress with your look! :)


Nia Langley said...

These photos are STUNNING! (as always!) I also really want to learn how to surf :)


PRIN☮CHIIZ said...

Very Pretty <3 I followed your blog now coz I like it and its so nice :) Is it okay for you to follow back also ^^ ? If its okay, HAHA :D Thank you! and Take Care!

Prutha said...

love that belt

Chiara said...

OMG supper awesome-great-you name it pictures!
the qua;ity is ammmmaaaazing!

Fast Lane L.A. said...


The image quality for your "West Coast" pictures is stunning. I literally sat in awe, staring at these pictures, at a loss for words because all I could do is close my eyes and picture myself on that beach. May I inquire as to what exact camera you used to take those pictures?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Fast Lane L.A.

Shinigami_U said...

WOW amazing pictures, great acamera that you have.