L.A. Art Crawl

Opening this Sunday at the MOCA in downtown LA, is an exhibition called  
This is the first time a major museum is doing an exhibit exclusively of street art. It will cover street art from the 1970's through the present and of course include international street art stars Banksy and Space invader.
"A show at this level has never been done anywhere."
Jeffrey Deitch 
Moca Director
Emmett and I decided to do an art crawl through the streets of LA to gear up for the upcoming exhibit.
Banksy 9th and Broadway
Shepard Fairey OBEY
We were informed by the gallery owner next door, Shepard had just put this piece up a few days ago and remnants of the wheat paste were still on the ground.
Beverly Hills 
Follow the read more to see the rest of L.A.

Searching the streets of downtown
 Amoeba on Sunset
Barney a little down on his luck, off Melrose
On Melrose, OBEY with Barney heading up the street.
Johnies off Wilshire
 LACMA "Urban Light"
With a stop inside LACMA at Broad Contemporary
Koons and Warhol
And ending at the top of Griffith Observatory


Nia Langley said...

Very nice! I really like the PARK and the OBEY ones! The Barney off Melrose seems like a funny sight!


Absolutely Mrs. K said...

we don't look enough to street art, it can be so beautiful, but we have to look at it. I am so into camp, so the doggy is my absolute favorite, it is hilarious. sometimes (contemporary) art can be too hard to understand, so i love funny easy art. and as i said i love camp, Koons is one of my favorite, really want to have a dog like that in my garden.

Sarah said...

Lovely photos!

sacramento said...

I love art in the streets. Nothing screams more freedom than that.beautiful shots.

Reg Rodriguez said...

great post! street art is amazing! i love the photos in your blog! what cam do you use? :) following you now!


Lijn said...

great photo's.
love the one with the big balloon dog and the egg.

Lucy said...



I am so insanely jealous that i'm not in LA to go to the exhibition.
I would give anything to go.
How long is it on for?

I love that piece by Shepard Fairey. My cousin got some of his stickers the other day online and i intend to steal many to slap up around my office.


Chelsea Lane said...

such amazing pieces. what a cool thing to see!


Natasha said...

You always post the best photos, and those Banksy ones are brilliant. I love his artworks! xxx

Nicollette said...

Great post! Amazing photos <3 and the Hollywood sign <3 ...
Love it...

Nicollette said...

Great post! Amazing photos <3 and the Hollywood sign <3 ...
Love it...

Anne said...

great pictures! i really wanna go there now, haha. XX

Levoiture said...

Very nice photos. I think art in the streets is also ART in caps.

Thank you for sharing this incredible pictures ;)



RAW Fashion Magazine said...

Awesome photos that is so cool love stuff like that

Allie said...

That sounds so awesome! Do you know how long the exhibit will be up? I'd love to see it, but I'm not going to be in LA until July.