Pretty in Pink

Such a beauty.
This shot just makes me happy.
via Hanneli
 Who is this girl?
She was shot by two different street style bloggers and I am in love with her hair and whole look. 
We've seen a lot of hair that has a dipped into paint look with coloring just on the ends. We have also seen a lot of platinum blonds ever since Abbey Lee bleached hers. But the light tinge of color over platinum is gorgeous, well especially on her.
 The most famous Platinum blond in my book. 
So happy and so beautiful.

Well it's early Sunday Morning and I need coffee now!
Just thought I'd share a bit of beauty since tomorrow is back to work and school for most of us.



Sarah said...

I love her hair!

ROCIO said...

Love the photos , specially the first one ;)

xx,Rocio :)


Courtney K. said...

Oh I adore her hair as well! That first shot of her is soo gorgeous, the second one is too, but wow. The first one just took my breath away. Xoxox.


Absolutely Mrs. K said...

I love the pink and blond combination. especially when has been so delicate as this one. it looks amazing with her skin tone and that is a real challenge. raspberry/pink colors can look so wrong with the wrong skin tone.

jamie said...

hmm, sorry loves i dont know who she is but she sure is pretty :) and i agree, love her hair!

Julianna said...

super photos!

sacramento said...

Thank you for the best present of all: wisdom and beauty.
Much love to you both.

It blog girls said...

These pictures are so beautiful and so well chosen

Nat P. said...

Hi! I awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award! Check it out on my blog!

Much love,

Tea For Two said...

That pink and blonde mix is riveting. And her pixie nose only makes the situation better :D

Regan said...

It would be so fun to have pink hair!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for your sweet comment!
come visit again throughout this week to see an in-depth look at Nashville Fashion Week!


Allie said...

I'm loving her hair, but I think my favorite part of this entire post is the Thoreau quote lol. I found it a bit reassuring somehow. Thanks for posting!!!


Alice said...

i love Thoreau!

oomph. said...

love the soft pink hair :)


Anonymous said...

We're feeling inspired to dye our hair this color!!!


ginger roxy

Amira said...

Wonderful hair! Great pics! Follow you) Follow me?

Zarna said...

she's so beautiful! i love that first picture!

Natasha said...

I think anybody who has dyed hair, be it blue, green or pink always looks cool. I love it when people experiment like that, I just don't have the confidence for it. xxx

Charlotte Beecham said...

i love these images and your blog. Your style and vibe are great. really edgy.
check mine out and follow me back if you like it! Appreciate the support.


Angeles Almuna Design said...

Nice photos! specially the first one.
Kisses and thank you for your comment. Love it!
See you soon!


skeletaldreams said...

Beautiful post, love the photos x

B.COLELLA said...

LOVE this! If I was platinum blonde (which I plan on doing at some point in the future) I would TOTALLY do this in a heart beat...its so beautiful....the happiness quote is so inspiring, love the post!