Scarves, Scarves, Scarves! The Liberty of London way

Is there such a thing as having too many scarves?
I personally don't think so. I have been collecting scarves for a long time and got Camilla on the band wagon too, so between the both of us, we have quite a few. With so many ways to wear them there always seems to be a new reason to buy just one more. Lately I've been into the head scarf and also using a long scarf as a belt by wrapping it around and around a dress or long skirt.

I recently found these "how to tie a scarf series" from Liberty of London and thought they were great! Besides the fact I lOVE! that you get to listen to a really cute french girl tell you the right way to wear them.

Enjoy and have fun trying out new fun ways to tie your scarf.
Click HERE for more scarf ideas.


Eda ♥ said...

That's great, thankyou for this post lovely, I went to Liberty when I was in London a few weekends back, interesting store ♥

*following your blog flower*

Eda ♥


sarah. said...

these videos are so cute! the liberty scarf room is amazing

Hannah said...

love this post :)

have you seen "le divorce" with kate hudson in it? theres a bit in there where they're talking about french women and all the names they have for scarves and all of the ways of wearing them! love it



Anonymous said...

i looooooooove scarves!

Sophie said...

They are really really cute ideas. I love her accent!


ching said...

i'm not much of a scarf person. but i enjoyed the videos. thanks for this.


Juliet said...

Lovely accent!

juliet xxx

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Alyssa said...

love these videos!!
i'm going to have to buy myself a scarf now :)


Ambypure said...


Rebecca said...

veryvery fun
I love this idea for a post :D:D


A and A said...

I've just started making scarves... hand batiked and natural dyes from the woods!
I'll send you some snaps when a few are finished.

happy birthday too!!!

love from San Francisco.

Nadine2point0 said...

NEver too many!!
Great tutorials, TX.