Mon Amie la Rose

"I was born at dawn
Baptized  in dew
I blossomed
Happy and in love
In the rays of the sun."

The beautiful song by Francoise Hardy "Mon Amie la Rose" 
was the inspiration behind our shoot. 
Enjoy her lovely voice and gorgeous face as you listen to the song.


The dress Camilla is wearing is a dress she found when she was just twelve years old. I had taken her vintage shopping for the first time to some great shops on Melrose and to the Fairfax flea market. I told her to just look around and if she saw something that spoke to her, grab it. She came up to me after just the first shop and showed me this dress saying "look at this!"

I knew I had found my vintage shopping buddy. 
She had the eye and without any training. My first though was "Brilliant!"

We paired it with the Jeffery Campbell boots I had bought at the LF "sale of the season" last fall and some jewelry from India that her dad brought back. Then headed to our favorite locale that Emmett discovered and shot these photos.
Have a wonderful weekend!
 Valerie and Camilla


Bambi said...

Gorgeous dress, awesome shoes und very nice pictures. I like it. =)

Vell said...

I can´t stop staring at your beautiful photos - really beautiful photos. wow.

Juliet said...

Gorgeous boots!!!

juliet xxx

Tanvi said...

Ah-mazing boots and GORGEOUS SHOTS! ... Love them ladies!

minnja said...

Beautiful & lovely outfit!
Stunning blog.



A(squared) + M said...

Gorgeous outfit! I love the whimsical dress with the edgy boots! Super cool!


Cassidy said...

what a gorgeous dress ! i love the softness of the outfit paired with the boots .

Meggstatus said...

Vintage shopping buddies are the best buddies!

And this dress is beautiful.



Violetta E. said...

i like it

ching said...

the boots are to die for!


DonnaRomina said...

thank you :>
lovely sunglasses *-*

Bohemian said...

Lovely pictures!! The boots & glasses are amazing!!

More than Mode said...

You look beautiful!! ;)


The Fashion Moodboard said...

Really lovely pictures and I love that dress!

Deanna said...

beautiful photos!
i love vintage shopping too.
thanks for the good wishes on my blog! i'll be blogging from berkeley in a week.


Marinka said...

I love your sunglasses they look fun!

Karoline said...

Wonderful! I know a friend of mine would kill for those boots!

eugenialejos said...

muchas gracias por pasarte por mi blog!
a mi tambien me encantan!
disfruta del finde!

joninel said...

GORGEOUS :) love your hair so much!! nice blog

thx for your comment

*rachelwears said...

wow that is stunning hair!! i looove the plait (:

Alice said...

great outfit :)

Cindy, fashionsbeauty said...

Cute dress, the detail on the back is nice! The loose side plait really finishes off this look!

Thanks for visiting my blog, do come back xoxo

Phuong said...

wow great dress and I love how you style it with the boots

mirror said...

thank you so much for visiting my page and commenting! :)

I love the black boots with the white dress! but I just love boots in general ;)

sally said...

loveee those jeffrey campbells <333
camilla looks beautiful!


style-haus said...

these shots are incredible and love the beautiful dress paired with those boots!!!


My Republic of Fashion said...

Love that dress and those boots are amazing.:)SarahD

X'tian Ou said...

lovely dress! by the way, thanks for stopping by my blog, do followe if you like it? you have a nice blog here, i really enjoy reading it, def a follower! :)

Anonymous said...

You look so great
i love your shoes

Diana said...

those shoes are to diiiiiie for! gorgeous outfit and great blog!

thank you for your sweet comment :) i hope you keep visiting and follow me <3


Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures!

ViCreative said...

cute pictures!!!
i love the dress!!

(new post: Oh mother, I thank you & follow me)

Andreia said...

So cool outfit!! I love your glasses!!

I follow you ;)


Eden said...

LOVE your dress and boots:)))
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Blackswan said...

wonderful lighting! happened to stumble upon your blog and when i read 'mother and daughter' i had to read twice??! that's totally awesome!

these shots are amazing, and Francoise Hardy is an angel!

now following!

Come by for a visit or follow too!

x Your Only Blackswan.

ps. your pink/swimsuit number below is splendid!

Vicki said...

love this dress! :) x

Mirror said...

Hey! I tagged you for a blog tag/award thingee :)

Natalie said...

i just got some jeffery campbell heels too :)

Eri said...

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Thanks so much for stopping by!

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jenni said...

Such beautiful photos! But what I love the most is the combination of the leather boots (which by the way are gorgeous) and the girly&airy dress!

Tati said...

Stunning. Love the glasses an the dress

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh u're so pretty, i love u so much :hug:
btw i was following u would u follow me back ? :)

Raez said...

gorgeous! you are stunning.

xx raez

Jaymie said...

Gorgeous photos!
i love francoise hardy.

Waveney said...

what beautiful photographs and a lovely idea for a blog!

Waveney xxx

Ania Alonso said...

Beautiful song and beautyful pictures!

A. said...

those boots are awesome

Anonymous said...

Cute dress <3

Style Bird said...

The boots and dress are perfect together. Beautiful pics! xoxo

lianne said...

wauw, love your blog!