Dont Let The Sun Go Down On Me

 The last of the pieces we shot from Alpinestars was the the Vegan Leather jacket from ASTARS

This is the piece that Denise gave Camilla. The Fuchsia color is amazingly fun and the look and feel of the faux leather make it hard to believe it's not real.

It has not been the warmest of summers at the beach this year. Lately most days are in the high 60's with fog and marine layer. Just one mile inland its 10 degrees warmer and sunny. When we finally did this shoot it was sunny but only in the mid sixties and the end of the day. We were hoping to get a great sunset but Camilla was getting too cold.

We decided to go up to Palos Verdes point yesterday because although the day was gloomy, it looked like we were going to get a bit of end of the day sun.
We were wrong about the sun but the the view is always amazing and it can give you a total attitude adjustment.

  The location is just the other side of Bluff Cove. In the last picture you can see the trail that leads down to the beach. Surfers trek down the long dirt path to catch waves that break further out than the local beaches. 

Camilla is wearing a vintage 1960's bathing suit in the last pictures, a la Sandra Dee.
Vintage Levis 501's and Jeffrey Campbell Nation Boots in the first set of Photos.
Necklaces are Camilla's favorite Dali Lama and her St Christopher who protects surfers in the ocean.

Also, we received an email from Guide to Art Schools and they put us on a list they compiled of Best Fashion Blogs. We are completely honored to be on a list that consists of Am-Lul's closet, Fashiontoast, Wildfox, and Cherry Blossom Girl
Click the link below and see who else is honored because there are a lot of great blogs to see.

XX Valerie and Camilla


Britty said...

i really like that jacket soo pink and cute!

Anonymous said...

I love your jacket!

mirror said...

that is really adorable!
and cool link--how neat that you two are recognized!--i will check some others out.


ching said...

really nice jacket on a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

Oh my lord, ur blog is awesome <3 love it !
Pls come to play in my blog hahah

Tati said...

love love lovee this! Im obsessed with the bathingsuit.
p.s. check out my blog for the posted interview of you two!

Beckerman Girls said...

PINK PINK PINK!!!! OUR Favourite color!!!! You loook sooo gorgeous CAMILLA!!! Like a supermodel!!!

xo The Beckerman Girls

this free bird said...

Oh wow - these pictures are amazing. Love the jacket of course, but the suit is particularly eye catching. Superb.


Andreia said...

I love the jacket, is awesome!!


Ligeia said...

fantatsic jacket!!

adorable post missy!


Marinka said...

That jacket is so cool..I love the bright color


love the vintage bathing suit!come follow me xoxo

A. said...

the color of that jacket is amaizng

Wardrobe Wars said...

We saw this on Stylecaster and love it so much - what great vintage finds, AMAZING!!!
Greetings from Ireland
Fifi & Niamh
http://www.thewardrobewars.blogspot.com - take a look if you get a chance, we'd love your feedback - follow if you like what you see.

Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

very cuteeee :)

JC. said...

Very nice pics <3

Catita said...

first congrats for gettin faux fur! second, the color is great and amazing on you!!!

Lisa said...

I love your jacket, and that it is vegan:) That swimsuit is incredible though and such pretty photos!

LadyNoir said...

Like it:)


Jaymie said...

I love the look of that polka dot crop and shorts, looks so chic and 1950s.
lovely blog and welldone on that recongnisition from the link.

Vell said...

second outfit is so lovely, I totally love your shorts :)

MarchMusings said...

Lovely colour for a jacket.

Le Temps d'M said...

nice outfit ;)

Fashion-rocks said...

Great outfit, love the jacket.