Inspiration Wednesday

Because it's Wednesday, the notrious day of the week where most people wake up and say "Is it Friday yet?" We decided we needed a little inspiration to keep going for the rest of the week.
 I found this editorial at TFS shot by Javier Vallhonart for Vogue UK
and think it is amazing. The styling is ultra feminine which I am so feeling right now. The full circle skirt with a belted tiny knit sweater, is so perfectly Mad Men (which i am a huge fan of) that I just love it. Of course the pieces are Prada, Dolce and Gabbana and Marc Jacobs so the price tags are steep, but the look is so attainable at reasonable priced stores and through vintage. 


We also wanted to share this Missoni Fall 2010 movie campaign shot by one of my all time favorite filmmakers Kenneth Anger. He is a genius and experimental filmmaker who has been producing work since the late 1930's. 
Sorry, we know that we have have been quite lazy bloggers lately. The pleasant change in the weather has brought about lounging at the beach or on our deck when we are not bogged down with work. So that means we haven't taken the time to let you all know how much we appreciate your comments and the fact that you still take the time to show us your love even though we have been lacking. 

 Blogger Tati from Fashion Forward did an interview with Camilla and I for her blog and if you are interested in reading it you can visit Tati Here to see what she asked and read more about us.

Hope your day is inspirational!
XX Valerie and Camilla


sarah. said...

the missoni film is beautiful! glad to hear you are both having a lovely summer,

C said...

Guineveere is so ethereally beautiful! That Paul Smith dress in the third image definitely has me swooning. I'm inspired to go vintage shopping this weekend!

TristanEmma said...

I absolutely love this editorial... I love that this retro style, a la Mad Men and earlier, is coming back strong!



m.fay said...

oh...i love! thank you for sharing and for visiting. i will keep coming back ;)


jamie-lee said...

these photos are gorgeous - i wish i had dreamy looking hair like that x



Thanks for the sweet comment and follow my blog! I'll follow this blog too!

xx fesi-fashion

Juliet said...

These are very beautiful!

juliet xxx

BaCreando said...

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful inspiration picture's!

Lucia.Q said...

I love the dress in the 3rd pic!

ching said...

the print on her outfit on the first picture is epic! oh my Missoni is awesome.

hello' i've followed your blog in bloglovin ang in Google. hope you can do the same :)


Britty said...

i love these picutre the outfits are sooo ladylike!

and would love to fall you and i'll put you on blog list too!

Style Bird said...

Beautiful! xoxo

Violetta E. said...