Yes, We did it Ourselves

Just for the record we love Free People. The clothes are wonderful and I am sure you have already noticed throughout our Blog that we own quite a few pieces. But, they just put up online these really cute vintage cowboy boots with the top cut off to make them new and priced them at 358.00.

That is just too expensive for vintage boots and cut up, so we decided to make them ourselves. All we did is go to the flea market and scour the area for cowboy boots with snake skin we found a pair that fit pretty good. Then came home and cut off the top!  No, they are not the perfect fit and yes they are a little different but I think it's pretty good likeness for 15 bucks! Don't you?


Victoria said...

great tips! thanks!

kacie said...


Lauren Frances Moore said...

too too cute! i most certainly must have a pair of my own!

thanks for tipping me off to your lovely blog... will be sure to follow! you girls make me want to start a blog with my mom!

Beckerman Girls said...

WOWOW!!! These are soooo obsessive!!!! I NEED THESE!!!! NOW I AM ON THE HUNT For the PERFECT boots like the ones you guys found!!!! thanks for the inspiration!!! mwah!!!! xooxox Beckerman girls