Hooray for Anna Sui!

Yes, We Love Gossip Girl and Ann Sui.
This Tweed dress is inspired by Serena

Notice the cool sequin trim around the neck. It is cut very low so we added a bandeau top from American Apparel. We wanted to style it like Serena might wear it so we added these Charles David shoes. Although for a day look we thought we'd wear some great boots.

Well in case you haven't heard Fab and Fun designer Anna Sui just did a line for Target. The great thing about Target getting designers to do a line for them is, it's affordable and still the designers aesthetic. Anna designed her line for Target based on the hip show Gossip Girl, and as you all know, the girls from the show always look so cute and stylish. It's only for a limited time, basically till it's all sold out. So go check out the line and see what you can find, we did and found some pretty sweet dresses inspired by Serena, Blair,and Jenny.


Schermerhorn said...

I don't know who gossip girl is but those outfits look great on you. :]

Victoria said...

I agree! Anna Sui AND GG. Love you`re blog!