Azzedine Alaia 1980's

Azzedine Alaia and super model Naomi Campbell in his studio

" a woman's not going to buy a little skirt for a lot of money if it is not for seduction. What else are clothes made for" Azzedine Alaia

The dresses of his late 80's collection. There is a picture floating around by the fashion Photographer Gilles Bensimon that was shot for Elle Magazine of the supermodels wearing Alaia. While we were in New York earlier this summer we went to the Met to see the exhibit of MODEL AS MUSE. Azzedine was not represented there and because of that a few of the 80's super models did not go to the premiere. I was so disappointed that he was not being shown when he was such an important part of the fashion scene of the 80's but there was ONE photo of all the 80's super models wearing Azzedine Alaia. I wanted to post it because it has the dress that Camilla is wearing but I couldn't find it anywhere. YET!

Azzedine and Yasmine

Naomi his Muse in of course Alaia

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alex said...

I love that Azzedine is like 3 1/2 feet tall. That's the most crazy designer photo ever!