Walkin' on Sunshine

 It’s early June. The start to a 3-month period of pure bliss otherwise known as: summer time. The sun is beaming in the sky, begging you to come out and play. You think there’s nothing better than a walk down the avenue to end your day.  And even though the sun will go down in a few hours, the fog hasn’t rolled in for once, and it’s still beautiful out. Blue skies, sunshine, and two adorable puppies by your side – what more could you want? Well maybe just the perfect shoes to help you celebrate the occasion of course!
Lori’s Shoes contacted us to guest blog for them and we were lucky enough to be given the sweetest sandal wedges you could possibly imagine. 
And in piping hot red to boot!

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"I Feel the Love"
"I Feel Alive"
"I feel the love that's really real"
"I'm on sunshine baby"
"And don't it feel good?"

These Andre Assous wedges are now a favorite go to in our closets.

We styled them up with Jodie Foster's character, "Iris" from the movie Taxi Driver, in mind - inspired by her cool 70's style, minus the dark references of course. 
A gorgeous knit top we had just bought from Anthropologie, mixed with a pair of  vintage denim shorts and our new red wedges made the perfect combination of fab and fun. 
All we needed was to top it of with our favorite floppy hat and Iris was on her way to the beach.

With guest appearances by
Buster and Eevee

Val n Cami


Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

these photos are beautiful! I especially like the one on the beach :)


fashion illustrations at ILLUSTRATED-MOODBOARD


Deanna Wagner said...

beautiful shoot! those wedges are perfect for summer.


life full of colors said...

OMG ! I love everything about that outfit... colors, patterns style. Amazing look. Absolutely in love with your pets. I can feel the summer on your photos. regards, Katerina

Daria said...

LOVE it! Beautiful outfit


Sarah said...

Aww the dogs are so cute!

Rachelle Taylor said...

This is too cute! Makes me want sunshine! Come stop by The Blue Room...where I'm going into winter!! xx

xXmeriXx said...

ooohh!! I love!!!!

It-Blogirls said...

you look stunning

Lijn said...

nice pictures again!!!

lovely dogs too :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely in love with this top fabulous xx

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

how cool! - great shoot!

Chloé-M said...

I like this dog !!
Beautiful pic :)

oOgiewOogie said...

WOW... Stunning pictures!! Jen & I enjoy your blog @ work!


Absolutely Mrs. K said...

this is like perfect, from head to toe! the floppy hat screams summer and the sunnies are perfect with it. love your impeccable skin and make up. the blouse looks amazing because it creates so much movement in the sunshine, it is all about the sleeves. the shape, the print, the colors, the perfect heat blouse. and yes what a better thing to do in the summer, strolling around with your puppy

sacramento said...

I already have the best of presents: your wonderful pics.
Besos Val and Cami.

Fast Lane L.A. said...

I'm at a loss for words...because your pictures transcend description. they can only be..experienced. such a sunny scenery in a quiet neighborhood.

Where did you take those pictures where you're just strolling down the sidewalk with your dogs? The background scenery looks distinctly American, like you were walking through Norman Rockwell's hometown.


Gabriella said...

INCREDIBLE photos!!!!!!!!!!!!(:


Nia Langley said...

Congrats! Those wedges are very nice! I love all the photos, but the first is plain stunning! I also really love your ensemble.


Cassidy said...

I'm in love with your hat!

Blaise said...

In love with the shoes!!! and also that hat is stunning!! :)



kirstyb said...

oooh i miss summer times xxx

Joanna said...

I just followed you! love your blog. and the outfits are amazing! follow back?


Golden Girl Olive said...

Hello - stumbled upon your blog via lookbook and love what I see here! Following :)



Anonymous said...

your shirt is so pretty...

Katie Elizabeth said...

Great shot! I love your outfit. The top is adorable. & your dog is sooo cute!

xo katie elizabeth

Stacey Kay said...

Gorgeous photos! Those are some great wedges.

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Anonymous said...

These are such amazing photos! I just found your blog and am loving your style. Can't wait to read more of it.

Natalie Leung said...

you've got beautiful style, that hat is lovely!

new follower :)

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

These photos are amazing! Love the outfit!