We've MOVED!

     Hello to all our lovely followers!

We wanted you all to know that we have moved our blog to wordpress and we hope you all come follow us. 

Please come follow us on Bloglovin or add our new blog site to your google reader.

Our new site URL

you can also follow with RSS feed

We hope to keep hearing from all of you
Come on over and say hello!
In the past two years on Blogger we have made some beautiful friends
Hope to see you all soon.

 Valerie and Camilla


moonstruck-expose said...

Congrats girlies- I am following you over there now!

I just did the same thing!!! Just launched my launched my brand new blog, MOONSTRUCK EXPOSÉ! I was formerly blogging on, I Live For It, where we followed each other. Such a pain to move things around! Hope you guys get all your followers back!!!

Hope you'll come visit and follow along on moonstruck!

Hope you've been well, loves!

moonstruck exposé

x. juliana

augustalolita said...

fun photo!! you ladies look wonderful <3

Anonymous said...

Cute post!!
Love your blog so much.)))

I need your help...
In August I depart to Greece on two weeks. I don't want to sit there on one place, I want to look at all most beautiful places.
You were sometime in Greece? If yes, that there it is necessary to look and where it is possible to make beautiful photos?

Thanks for earlier.)

Angeles Almuna said...

Great photo!!!! Energy is on your way ladies!
and congrats...always changes are good!


Joanna K. said...

Love your photos!!

Annie said...

Oh wooooww i really like that photo :)
Annie from

Emmi said...

Hey Beautifuls! :)
U guys have a really sweet blog! I enjoy it! Maybe u check out my blog and follow it! ;)))))


Kisses XX

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Congratulations! =)


little. said...

nice blog:)


Anonymous said...

I love your blog :)

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