Art In The Streets

Saturday we headed down to the MOCA to finally see the exhibit  Art In The Streets. We arrived early to beat the crowds which was smart because we ended up staying the whole afternoon anyways. With so much to see and absorb it took us the full afternoon and we still left saying to each other  "I must have missed that!"  The exhibit is huge covering Street art from 1970's to now and many facets of the culture including really cool photography from Martha Cooper and Ed Templeton to Videos of artist and Blondie Rapping with Fab 5 and Futura painting in the back ground. It encompassed the youth culture of the 70's and 80's and brought back to life artists Haring and Basquiat. I loved the photos that Martha Cooper took of street Artists in the 80's. As well as the fact that most everything in that exhibit was produced on site. There is a lot to show so you'll have to follow along with the read more to see. I could probably have a whole blog on the show with the amount of photos we took. If you live in LA I highly recommend seeing the show it is unconventional and completely different for a museum. Many of these artists are still unknown to the mass public unless they had a Obama tee or something of that nature.
All of this is outside the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
 If you'd like to see more follow us inside.

Kieth Haring car with Chaz in background
Rabbit and Duck by Roa the actual artwork done on premises. He is a favorite of mine check out more of his work here.
Kenny Scharf car and wall
Space Invader through out the show over doors inside and out.
I love this photo by Martha Cooper of Subway cops in NYC 1980's
Lady Pink shot by Martha Cooper.


Absolutely Mrs. K said...

oh my, so much to look at, all the images.... i am going to look at them over and over again. at first sight i go trough art pretty fast. afterwards, i will look at it again from a distance. for now my favorite, the rabbit and the duck. it gives me a strange feeling so it does something with my emotions. i am a very eclectic girl so i love color and camp. so it is very strange that i love this work, but again, it does something with my emotions

sacramento said...

Absolutely stunning project.
Thank you so much for sharing.

Julianna said...

I love street art!!..its my life!!

sacramento said...

Wow don´t tell me you have also lost all your comments?? I had comment on this post. I has happened to me too, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Fantastic pics.


As i said befor...SO JEALOUS!
Absolutely stunning!
Please post more pics :)


Prutha said...

love that bull doser image!!! i loveeee ittttt...must have something like that in my room now!! hehe