Wrap Dress - DIY

This past weekend after shopping on ebay and losing out on a 1970's halter wrap dress I bid on. I decided that I should just make one instead of dwelling on the loss. I mean it wasn't really that hard of a dress to make and I just couldn't bid higher on something that I could make myself. I took some old patterns from a past collection and reworked them a bit then cut the pattern in muslin and sewed it up to see if I liked the fit.
In the muslin the dress looked flirty but I wanted it softer so I am cutting it in a creamy silk that I have to give it more drape. I am going to give the first dress to Camilla and then cut it again with the skirt floor length for myself.
My amazing machine that I  have had since New York.  They don't make them like this anymore I was told by a man who came and worked on it that its from the 50's or even older but it works like a dream
The same can not be said for my marrow machine. After cutting out the dress when I went to go sew it up the marrows knife wasn't cutting anymore so now I have to find someone to come fix it or bring it in. The problem is that because these machines are so old I need to find someone that can do it right.
We converted our garage into a work studio that I share with my husband and all his vintage skateboards and art. When I get the machine fixed we will show you the final dresses until then...
 The dress that started it all

Camilla and I are talking about doing a video tutorial on how to make a pattern for simple skirt. Let us know if this is something you might like:)

XX Valerie and Camilla


Blythe said...

I for one would appreciate a video tutorial! I really want to start making some clothes, but it's tough to know how to start. BTW, the muslin dress = LOVE!

ilovecoolthings said...

Can't wait!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

that's so cool!

i'd love to know how to make a dress :-)


cyth said...

i would love that!

Eda ♥ said...

Would love a video tutorial, you're so lucky to have a vintage singer! The dress is lovely!

following you.

please follow:


Eda ♥

Anonymous said...

I want one!!!




The Photodiarist said...

Cannot wait to see the finished work!

P.S. Love your husbands skateboards!

Marinka said...

this wrap dress its so cute^^