Camilla is wearing Jean Paul Gaultier suspenders skirt with Jean Paul Gaultier Jacket underneath from his 1987 collection. The other day I was going through some files of images I kept before we all started saving our images on computers.  When I came across a file folder labeled "Random Cool Stuff" and inside was this invite (a mask of JPG's face) to a party at the Palladium for a Jean Paul Gaultier look alike contest.  The winner would be flown to Paris to model in his show.  I don't remember the party sorry, but the invite is still cool:)
In the 80's I loved John Paul Gaultier and still own a fair share of his pieces. The jackets are a bit too big in the shoulders for today but I can't part with any of it. The skirt Camilla is wearing I wore all the time with Doc Martens or these awesome menswear shoes by Comme des Garcon. We decided to put it together the way it was meant to be worn by the designer. But Camilla plans to be wearing the skirt for now on with a tee shirt instead.
Keith Haring at the Palladium NYC 1985

Camilla's knee hi's are by American Apparel and platform sandals by Jeffery Campbell 

 We are off to a mini road trip up the coast today.
Hope you enjoy!
XX Valerie and Camilla


Tati said...

absolutely charming and fantastic. love the socks and the shoes!
Valerie, as for the post below, the dress is fantastic! I was sewing just last night and finished a really cool high waisted skirt. ill make sure to post about it soon

Le Jardin said...

cool photos,

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A and A said...

I love everything about this shoot... Camilla! You look stunning... literally straight of the NY Runways. Always love coming here, you're combined visions are so very enjoyable.

Marcie said...

You have such great style. I love the socks and clogs. So great.

:) Marcie

C. said...

Cool photos :)

Veronica Falco said...

carino il blog,ti seguo!ne ho da poco aperto uno anch'io,(di moda ovviamente.-)vieni a dare un'occhiata e se ti va seguimi!


Anonymous said...





Jennifer Fabulous said...

Gorgeous outfit. You look so classy in black. xoxo

mirror said...

aw, so cute! im a new follower...:) pretty sweet blog! i found it through sparknotes (the best dressed thingee)

mirror said...

aw, cute! i'm a new follower of your blog :) your blog is pretty sweet! i found it through sparknotes (the best dresed thingee, and it was really fun to read...:) )
i hope im not commenting twice, but i don't think it went through the first time.

ronelmarin.net said...

adorable outfit, like the way you dress up..:)

iamronel said...

wow, you really cute..:)

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The Photodiarist said...

Camilla - you are such a great model. You should do it professionally for a while. Great work.

Valerie - I watched 9 by design the other night and they did a show where your friend's daughter was featured. Do you know the 9 by design couple? Great show . . .

Jennifer said...

I'm in LOVE with those JC platforms. What style are they? I'm trying to find them! (:

Great blog! I'm a new follower!