Okay so...the craziest, most amazing, most unexpected thing happened to me today! My mom had told me yesterday that Chanel Iman and her mother China, had opened a small boutique called the Red Bag Boutique in Culver City. Because where we live is so close to Culver City, we both decided it would be worth going up to check out their new store. Worth it was right!!! The boutique was just lovely! Filled with vintage finds by both China and Chanel, a good handful of the clothes were either picked out by Chanel herself or were designer pieces that she had been given throughout her career as a model. Some of the clothing even had Chanel's signature on the tags! Since my prom is coming up in two weeks, I thought I might be able to find the perfect earrings with their unique selection. I was looking around and I spotted this ADORABLE lime green mini dress, so I just had to try it on. And as I came out of the dressing room China was on the phone and she says "Here Chanel, I have a girl in the store right now I think you should talk to her." And as she hands me the phone she goes  "She should talk to one of her biggest fans."  I ALMOST DIED!!! Here I am in Chanel Iman's boutique and now I get to talk to my favorite top model ever? On the phone? Like I know her personally? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! I answered the phone like a retarded little mouse: "hhheelllooo?" and preceded to tell her how she was my all time favorite model and that I couldn't really believe I was talking to her! Basically I sounded like a little doofy fan...but oh well! She was so gracious and sweet on the phone. She asked me what school I go to and when my prom was going to be and she asked me to leave my information with her mom so she could send me something. AGGAAGAGAAGA!!!AHHH!!! I handed China the phone and just stood there in a state of pure shock!
Although we didn't get the sweet little mini dress, I ended up walking out with earrings for prom that I was really excited about and my mom got a dress that she and I will most likely end up sharing! It was an amazing experience and I drove all the way home on cloud 9! I mean, it's not like you get to have a phone conversation with your most favorite top model every day!
Me right after I got off the phone with Chanel in a state of shock.

I have put together a little compilation of photos I have of Chanel

 Some of my favorite street styles and editorials of her.
Chanel and China, They have a wonderful relationship like me and my mom!
You should check out this video I found of the two of them it really gives you a great perspective at how amazing they are together and how sweet Chanel is.
Home from the Red Bag Boutique
10754 W.Jefferson Boulevard, Culver City
310 559-7332
Photo via Refinery 29
Chanel in the vintage room and where we heard about their new boutique.

I know we will be back again soon.

XX Camilla and Valerie


soph (owl vs. dove) said...

How exciting for you! Pretty sure 99% of people would act the "doofy fan" when put in a position like that, haha. Glad to hear you found what you were after too :)

The Urban Fashion Gal said...

OH MY GOSH! Youre sooo lucky!

Tati said...

oh my goodness! Camilla this is huge!!
I was freaking out as I was reading it. lucky girll :))
heres a funny model story that happened to me recently. I was walking through the airport coming back from Italy with one of my friends and all of a sudden we see Molly Simms. I know we both stood there with our mouths open wide. My friend didn't have her contacts in either so she was squinting her eyes and I was just staring her down, and when Molly saw us she just started laughing. We were just star struck, so I know exactly how you felt!
anywayy, love the dress your wearing. It's super cute :)

rebecca said...

Aww, you're so lucky!! You look gorgeous in that dress too, but I'm sure yours is beautiful! :)


goodbyestockholm said...

Haha, congrats!

Marcie said...

How exciting! I love that yellow dress on you.

:) Marcie

Lisa said...

Love the color of your dress!

Between Venus and Saturn said...

Whaaa, dream day!! Do you already have a prom dress?

Nathalie Maggiori said...

I think that Chanel Imam is really one of my most favourite model ever, she's super cute!

C said...

The place looks fabulous! Chanel always looks so happy, I'm sure it must have been exciting to speak with her. That little yellow dress looks gorgeous on you!

Makena O. said...

omg!! you are sooo lucky!! she is such and amazing model and i bet that store is adorable too!!!

Ingrid. said...

omg r u serious?! luckyyy!

Jennifer said...

What an AWESOME story. You are one lucky girl (:

Can I just say I WANT your sandals..they are superb!

&& your vogue tee is fabulous. where in the world did you find it?

p.s. lime is your colour, girl. (:

I hope you'r prom is ah-mazing.



The Photodiarist said...

You should have gotten the little yellow dress. It looked great on you. So glad that you were able to speak to someone that you look up to.

Deanna W said...

wow I definitely want to check it out now! how are the prices? hopefully not too expensive..


Lainey said...

Ooh, I'll have to go check out their store. What an amazing story. I would've freaked out too. That lime green dress is stunning.

Bijou's Style said...

cool! I totally gatta check it out!



Angeles Almuna Design said...

Lucky you!
You look adorable with the yellow dress!


michelle_ said...

you're so lucky to have the chance to talk to Chanel !
that yellow dress is awesome !

A and A said...

ahhh love this!
the photos tell your story perfectly.... lucky you and even luckier is the man that takes you to prom.

Leopard-Shoes said...

Really nice post , amazing pictures :D


Leire Vega said...

I love the lime green dress! It looks really good on you,

u are lucky!


Alice said...

Nice story! :)

I have the same VOGUE shirt, pretty funny to see it on somebody else! Where did you get it?
Tokyo Quadrille

Schermerhorn said...

That is a really cute yellow dress.
I'm glad you got to talk to Chanel I could just imagine the excitement on your face talking to your favorite model. :]

Helmi said...

Love the dress!

Anonymous said...

wow! I wish I lived in a more exciting country ^^' when things like that happen we remember that we are alive really! next time you might even meet Chanel :) let's hope!