In These Boots...

"I'd go the whole wide world
I'd go the whole wide world 
Just to find her"
"I'd go the whole wide world
I'd go the whole wide world 
Find out where they hide her"
It's a sunny afternoon, perfect for taking a walk down by the bay. The wind blows through my hair as I carefully trail along the path while looking towards the horizon. I can not help but notice my comfort. I feel as if I am exploring a new land but at the same time I feel free. In these boots, I could walk for miles.
This is the shoot we did for Loris shoes. Camilla is wearing the
Sam Eldeman, Pierce boots from Lori's shoe store. 
You can ALSO go to their BLOG and see our post HERE.

We styled the boots by pairing them with a pale flowy chiffon dress to create a more feminine, soft feeling. Then belted the dress with a vintage silk scarf and topped it off with an army green fitted shirt. For a finishing touch and keeping with the feminine look we braided Camilla's hair, added flowers, girlie bobbles on the arms then completed the look with beautiful floral tights.

Dress and Shirt LF boutique
Jewlery J Crew

We needed to finish our post with Nancy.
These boots were made for walkin'

XX Valerie and Camilla


Anne Mary said...

I really love your pics, great outfit!!!!
So original!

kisses ana!


Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

VERy cuteeee

love your collants :D*

Anonymous said...

you look adorable!! <3

Marcie said...

Awesome boots and tights!! Love the lipstick and beach setting too!!

xo M

this free bird said...

Girls this is just perfect. The outfit is so pretty - the boots and tights really take it over the top - and the setting is great!!


Juliette said...

this look like good!!!


sarah. said...

beautiful shoot!

Juliet said...

Gorgeous boots!

juliet xxx

Fredrika said...

Great photos!
And an inspirational outfit, love the scarf-belt!

Fredrika said...

And I'll of course follow you too! You have a great blog :D

Anonymous said...

Of course follow!
and really DIE for these printed tights- so amaze

Marinka said...

Your boots are so nice!

Anonymous said...

Ohmy, i love the boots <3

Anonymous said...

hihi thank you!!!
Yes lets follow each other your blog is great!!!

kirstyb said...

fantastic pics xxxx

Anonymous said...

Love the boots - so amazing!

Anonymous said...

Cute, colorful, carefree ~
xox Alexandra

Charleston said...

those boots were made for STRUTTING x


Le garçon avec les lunettes said...

amazing photos and cool place :-)

Tariro said...

You look AMAZING! Im loving your blog.

Fashion Smajlik Blog said...

love it ;)


Anonymous said...

Love the flowers in the hair. Oh so pretty and feminine. xox ~ Alexandra

Suar Gazaroglu said...

Hey cool blog!
Please visit my blog and tell me what you think about. I hope you'll be one of my followers.

Bye Suar

lasninastextiles.com said...

Love your style - crazy about those tights!

sacramento said...

I have just come across your blog, and I find it facinating: mother, daughter and the love for fashion, wow, what an inspiration!!
I shall put your blor in my blogroll
Un abrazo fron Andalucía- South os Spain.

A and A said...

Loving these tights (yes the boooooots are incredible!)... you are beautiful my dear.
love from us...

Angeles Almuna Design said...

Lovely outfit! and the pictures are gorgeous...fabulous location.


jeanius said...

wonderfull like a butterfly!

caroline said...

love the outfit and the place where you took your photos,
I wille put your blog on my blog roll tomorrow ;)

Neysa Bové said...

I think this is probably one of my favorite outfits you've worn! it's freaking great! xxo -nb