Come Sail Away

In our home town just about 2 miles off the coast we have had a rare and majestic sight for the past few months. Beautiful Blue Whales have come here to feed on krill and the gentle giants are causing quite a stir in the quiet beach towns. Our ocean has been much colder than normal for this time of year, it actually never warmed up to summer temps so it was perfect for the Blue Whales to come and feed. Blue Whales are mostly never in these parts of the ocean and never at least in about 50 years been this close to shore. We have had the opportunity to go out sailing a few times this past month on my brothers sail boat and view the giant creatures. I can not even begin to explain how huge they are, I would say the ones we saw were close to 80 feet long. All the photos are by Camilla and Emmett taken while my brother sailed the boat and I needed to not move around too much because I get terribly seasick. These are some of my favorite shots that Camilla and Emmett took on various trips to sea. 

We Hope everyone has been having a wonderful weekend.
 The weather has finally turned to Summer even though now all we want is Fall. It is like we were jipped on our Summer and hopefully now we won't be jipped for Fall. Oh Mother Nature! I guess I really can't complain it is nice way to enjoy your Sunday:)

Camilla and I have been busy with a photo shoot for Lori's Shoes and will be posting the photos next week, so stay tuned!

XX Valerie and Camilla


Anonymous said...

i love your picture's!

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

These are some fantastic photos! Being that close to whales would be spine tingling stuff.

Can't wait to see the photos from the shoot :)

sarah. said...

so beautiful!

The Photodiarist said...

What a very different post from your usual . . . but I enjoyed it. Thank you.

Juliet said...

So funny little creatures!

juliet xxx

daisychain said...

oh my goodness, wow.

Anonymous said...

those pictures are really good! gah!!

Anonymous said...

The the color on that cute duck
very inspiring

Anonymous said...

cute love your photos!!!

Beckerman Girls said...

UNBELIEVABLE!!! I've never seen whales before in "REAL LIFE"hahah...it looks like you guys were SUPER CLOSE!!! Your pics are soooo special and gorgeous! And those seals!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!
xoThe Beckerman Girls