Dreaming is Free

Dream dream, even for a little while.
Dream dream, filling up an idle hour.
Fade away, radiate.
 Camilla and I took these pictures a while back and never got around to posting them. Blondie's Dreaming was playing in the background when we took them.  As a little girl, Camilla loved Blondie and we would listen to her so often that I can probably sing every one of Blondie's songs by heart, although you wouldn't want me too.  
I recently came upon these beautiful images and they made me think of the photos we took while listening to Blondie that afternoon back in May.Camilla is wearing a BCBG silk chiffon dress with American Apparel knee hi's and Jeffery Campbell heels.
 Hope you enjoy!
Here's Blondie back in 1979 singing Dreaming in concert.

We also want to thank all our beautiful followers. We love to hear from you, it really makes our day that much more special! We promise to try to get back to all of you that have left us comments very, very soon. A lot of exciting things are happening lately and keeping us so busy that we haven't had time to do any fun shoots.  We came up with a really great idea just the other day that hopefully we can get to in the next week. Until then...

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XX Valerie and Camilla


victoriajeanne said...

i love when you do posts! such great pictures. she looks gorgeous! keep them coming :)


Nina Scott Johnson said...

love these photographs!!!
no day without dreaming!!

JC. said...

I'll follow on bloglovin!

C said...

Camilla like an exquisite ballerina in the first photo, tres jolie! Blondie is always fun listening.

Camilla said...

aww, I love Blondie, that dress is adorable.


ChYmEc!nDy** said...

She's beautiful!

theslimgirl said...



I just discovered your blog and I really love it. These photos are amazing!

xx fesi-fashion

Eda ♥ said...

Beautiful photos, love the femininity of the pink dress ♥

*following your lovely blog*

Eda ♥


Anonymous said...

love the cable-knit knee socks!

Vell said...

God, the photos are amazing.

Abernathy said...

love the first photo

The Photodiarist said...

Beautiful photographs, as always.

Jen said...

aww these pictures are absolutely beautiful! :)

minnja said...

So beautiful!!!!!!!


LadyNoir said...

Like the dress:)

A and A said...

ahh... Camilla is as stunning as Blondie back in the 70's. Beautiful spirit shining through!!

hope summer is treating you well lovelies.


Mariajo said...

Hi! I love everything in your blog.
You have a great style. I love your pictures. I follow you. I hope you visit my blog and follow me too.


Natasha said...

I love the frills and laces and the nice, pastel pink. Sweet photos. xxx

MargieF said...

the colours in these photos are gorgeous; they make the pictures so cheerful

Marinka said...

I love those photos so much the vibe is really nice

Victoria said...

Hey, I really love your blog.

Please check out mine, it's only in its early days but I'm doing a little vintage giveaway, if you’re interested it's http://my-favourite-fashion.blogspot.com/

Vikki xx