Comic Con

This past weekend we went to Comic Con in downtown San Diego. If you do not know what Comic Con is, it's just the largest Comic Convention in the world.  People from all over and industries spanning Movies, Television, Gaming and Publishing come together to party and promote. It is completely crazy and full of all kinds of characters real and not. 
The Uglydoll Booth was a favorite stop of ours. We were starving, slightly grumpy and getting a little over stimulated when we got to booth, but then our whole attitude changed. All those cute Uglies just waiting to be picked to come home. From Pointy Max to Puglee Camilla had to have one for her own. But the hardest part was trying to decide which one to bring home.
"You can't control Pointy Max. You can't stop Pointy Max. You can't tell Pointy max what to do. Oh wait, is that cheese? Then you own Pointy Max. Ok, so other than the weakness for Cheese, Pointy Max can't be beat. Unless you have a blank piece of paper..."
The coolest thing about the Uglydoll booth was meeting the creators David and Sun-Min, of these famous little creatures.
David and Sun-Min were in love but when Sun-Min had to go back too Korea for a bit David sent her little "miss you" letters with Characters drawn on. As a surprise Sun-Min then sent back David his Character all sew up in felt. 
Uglydoll was born!
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Yes! people dressed up in Characters and let me tell you there were all kinds in the convention and roaming the streets of San Diego. These are just a few of who we found worthy of pictures.
Emmett with two characters from Star Wars and yes those are people in the costumes even the little one!
More cool toys! These are from the famous series "Twilight Zone"  written by Rod Sterling in the 1960's.
If you have never seen it your should rent an episode because they are brilliant. Camilla and Emmett have seen every one and we all have a favorite.
My favorite is "Eye of the Beholder" and Camilla's is "Time Enough to Last"
Creepy "Talking Tina" She had to be where the creators of "Chucky" got their idea. 
Puglee made the cut and got to come home with us.
Puglee in downtown San Diego!
 The oh so yummy restaurant we ended the day with at Happy hour!
Emmett who made this all happen for us. He got the tickets and encouraged us to come. Thanks Emmett! It was an experience and one we will never forget.

Valerie and Camilla


Deanna said...

wow you guys went to comic con. so lucky! it's definitely getting more hype now. I'll definitely check it out next time. my favorite was star wars! ahhh
beautiful pictures of camilla, and fam as usual.


Princesa said...

Amazing pictures¡¡


Rebecca said...

wat! your so lucky :D read he whole thing it was so awesome, that 1960s teevee show sounds awesome and these pictures look like so much fun!! :D


Marinka said...

I love those pictures

Marinka said...

love those photos

Marta y Atenea said...

WHAT A BLOG! We're really in love with it, such amazing photos!
This is ours: http://www.martealolejos.blogspot.com/
Hope you'll like it
Kisses from CHORA,

Cindy said...

I swear this is the LAST year I miss Comic Con. I went a couple of years ago and fell in LOVE.

Met some of the cast of Star Trek and now it's an addiction!

thanks for sharing!

Tati said...

hahha sounds like a lot of fun! Thats so cool you got to go and i like the story behind the creation of the Ugly Dolls!

A Little Yellow Button said...

This is so adorable! I have always loved those little guys, but I never knew the story behind it! SO cute! :) Thanks for sharing it with us.


Vell said...

You´ve got SO long eyelashes! And Comic Con, you have to enjoy it.

The Photodiarist said...

Looks like it was a great deal of fun.

Cat said...

Ha! Those "uglies" are so cute!!!! Love the concept and the colors :)

Anonymous said...

Ohmygod, i like that dolls!
& i like your blog!

Ligeia said...

that looks like so much fun!!

i want one of those cute dolls!



Style Odyssey said...

hooray for ugly dolls!! you're right, it IS hard to decide which one (or ones)! xo

ROOS said...

I LIKE THE DOLLS! I wish i could get them here in Holland, and i'm mad because, here in europe you don't have such conventions as big as that one! Anoying...
however, that SAW figure creeps me out! (the only thing i hate about SAW is that doll)