Q is for Quail

This past Thursday Camilla and I went down to Long Beach to meet Michelle Williams the young and fabulous designer of Quail. We had a complete BLAST with Michelle!  She is such a beautiful girl and inspiration.  We got to hang out, chat and shoot some pieces from her Spring 10 and new Fall line. Then after all that fun she let us in her stock room for a little shopping.
 Michelle started Quail in the Fall of 2007. Her concept?  
"I wanted to design clothing for the everyday girl whose style is ultra feminine with a dash of tomboy grit."  
Since then Quail has grown leaps and bounds. She has accounts coast to coast including Canada, Asia and Europe.
Camilla is modeling the Florette dress in Periwinkle from the Spring collection and is available at Urban Outfitters
An Illustration Michelle has hanging in her studio that her friend drew for a Tee shirt she did a few seasons back. A man is feeding her LIES! We Love it!
Camilla and Michelle in her Studio. Camilla is wearing a dress from Michelle's new Fall collection.
The dress is a silk chiffon with nails printed on that kind of remind me of swords. It is cut so you don't have to wear a bra which is fabulous because I mostly hate bras. There are two layers of chiffon in the front with a sheer back, that almost make the dress look like a flirty skirt and blouse instead, but also very sexy.

Follow the rest of the story with the READ MORE to the left to see  A LOT more of Michelle's studio and her flirty fun line.
 You can see for yourself just how cute and sexy the back looks.
Michelle describes the Quail girl with her target market as girls eighteen through their late twenties.
"She is a girl who sees the beauty in all things. She is a joyful young woman who spends her weekends getting inspired by art, music and the vibrant culture around her. She is colorful, feminine and fun with a hint of tomboy rebellion."
  Camilla is wearing a silk chiffon skirt and blouse in a soft blue printed with hand cuffs from the Summer collection. And the Jacket which is from the Spring line, is the Florette bomber in grey. 
 Michelle gets her inspiration from years of shopping the vintage markets and acquiring quite an impressive collection but she is also inspired by her friends whom she calls her muses.
"They make my world go round. We are all so different yet share one thing in common, a real love and zest for life!  What could be more inspiring than that?!"
In December 2009 Michelle Launched her wedding line Quail Bridal, with a full line of wedding dresses and brides maid dresses coming early fall 2010.
 "I Have always loved weddings! But what really pushed me to start Quail bridal  was the 21 weddings (including my own) that I attended in 2008.  I had the opportunity to design my own bridesmaid dresses as well as some of my friends.  After so much great feedback, I decided to launch Quailbridal.com.  I am thrilled to announce that we will be adding wedding dresses early fall 2010."

 Michelle and myself wearing our new Florette bomber we acquired that afternoon. I have already worn it twice, to dinner Friday night and to a Banquet on Sunday night. Michelle said it was warm like a fur coat and she was right. Nights at the beaches of California in June are quite chilly so it kept me warm and happy all night.
 A Last look at The Quail studio. 

With a Big Kiss and Thank you to Michelle for a fun afternoon!

Valerie and Camilla




Biana said...

Wow, she's talented! beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

that dress is SO beautiful. x

The Photodiarist said...

Camilla - you are rockin' those dresses! Now I am a Quail fan!

Juliet said...

I LOVE the texture of the dresses! Beautiful!

juliet xxx

Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

LOVE first dress.. very cute**

Vell said...

Wow, I can´t say nothing. So much bautiful pics, oh...

Angeles Almuna Design said...

Love the dress, I saw it the UO's catalog and it was love at first sight. You look stunning!
Thank you for your comment, love it!
Kisses a have a nice week!


jenni said...

Wow, her designs really fulfill her concept idea! So beautiful clothes! Your new Florette bomber is amazing! :) As obviously is the bright blue dress too!

Lisa said...

I love the blue dress and shirt so adorable..looks like she is a great designer!

mirror said...

fun! camilla is so pretty :) i like the dresses, but the shoes in the third picture really stand out--i love them!

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Marinka said...

I love the 1st and 2nd dress, she is a talented designer :)

WendyB said...

The Florette dress is amazing!

Deanna said...

omg that periwinkle dress is divine! camilla's perfect body really accentuates it.


Between Venus and Saturn said...

Aaaawh, I love both dresses!
and the red and black shoes on the right on this last picture, yum!

Cindy Whitehead said...

Really pretty - going to be watching this line - thanks for posting!


Gorgeous dress! Lovely post...

michelle_ said...

woah she's talented and beautiful !
i love the shoes by the way :)
whered u get em ?

Christina said...


How beautiful u are! And I really adore your great dress. :>
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Anonymous said...

lovely :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE EVERYTHING. It's so rare I go for girly stuff, but you've completely sold me on all of this. The matching blouse and skirt?! Camilla looks simply perfect! I hope she got both! They were made for her :)

awesome post. thx for making my wishlist a little bit more absurdly long!

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Krimly said...

love the first blue dress!
it's so beautiful!


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awesome dresses! especially the blue one! x

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Thanx for introducing us to such a talented girl!!!! Great post!

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totally loving it
youve got a great blog, keep it up!
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I love that blue dress!


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