"He who loves, flies, runs and rejoices; he is free and nothing holds him back."
Henri Matisse
DANCE (II) 1910
A few weeks back we did this shoot with Camilla's friend Lisa. She is such a talented girl in all forms of the arts. She is not only a photographer but a dancer and artist. She inspired this shoot of Dance with her elegance and grace. Lisa also shot the photos of Camilla at the end of our shoot with her. 
I wanted to put Lisa in a flowy dance inspired piece so she is wearing a long silk chiffon skirt as a dress and belted with a vintage silk scarf. The color of the skirt was perfect for her skin and the chiffon provided the exact fluid movement we were looking to capture.

XX Valerie and Camilla


Vell said...

wow.. that´s really wonderful, dance is the one of the best things to do :)

Juliette said...

this is so nice photo!!!waw!!i love !

sacramento said...

Wonderful photos, most inspiring. thank you.

sarah. said...


*Katia* said...

so beautiful!!

Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

I loveeee dance... is very important in my life <3

Great photos my daer :D

Ivânia Diamond*

Sophia (my visual illusions) said...

Beauuuuutiful photo's girls! Very inspiring!

Follow me home said...

love your blog!!

Juliet said...

What an amazing dress! Love it!

juliet xxx

Blade said...

Hey Girls

Lovely as always. Just want to let you know that I finally got off my butt and added a link list to my site and of course added you great blog. It's the least I could do after all the traffic you have sent my way.


Who loves ya


TristanEmma said...

Oh geez such gorgeous photos and styling!! wow.



antonia said...

great pictures!
amazing dress!


Marloes. said...

These shots blow me away. Gorgeous


Emily and Abigail said...

GORGEOUS pics!! I love the dress with the red cinch! Simply beautiful. Now following here and on bloglovin'


Anonymous said...

Awesome ! I love it x)

Li said...

Lisa is absolutely beautiful - i love how fluid her movement and the shirt-turned-dress is the perfect outfit for the shoot -

glad to discover your blog, xx

Cecylia said...

So pretty! That lilac dress with the beautiful flowing hem is heavenly. She's so co-ordinated =P