Nerd Boyfriend

My Ultimate guilty pleasure is the blog Nerd Boyfriend.
It's a style blog for guys but how can a fashion gal not be concerned about
what her man wears. 
This blog is the most genius blog I have scene in a while. I keep coming back to find out what awesome vintage photo this person has found and where to get the stuff.
I saw this Beatles photo on itunes then skipped over to Nerd and low and behold Nerd has it up with the links for find your very own George, Paul, John and Ringo look.

Just hop on over and skim through the site to see what Nerd Boyfriend has going on for your man, you won't be sorry.


Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...

Great post!!


sacramento said...

We have a bunch of real autograph photos of the Beatles when they were just playing in local pubs in England.
Thank you for the present of this fantastic pic.
Un abrazo.

Reyna @fashionmist♥ said...

That blog looks great! I'll stop by(:

Freya said...

My boyfriend was just talking about this the other day! He loves it. I think I shall have to take a look now you've mentioned it<3


Tea For Two said...

Great discovery! :)

Cassidy said...

Hahah this is great.
I need a Star Wars nerd boyfriend.

Ofra Cosmetics said...

Great pics! Followed!

Marinka said...

It looks like a nice blog, thanks for sharing

Angeles Almuna Design said...

Cool Post! and thank you for your comment.....the first photo is fierce, love it!
Kisses and see you again!


ching said...

oh wow. thanks for sharing the link.. i'll check out their site. :D

Jerome C. said...

their style before in that period was really good, not like now!

anyways great post!


lula said...

Their blog's one of my favourites actually, it's a shame I don't have a boyfriend!

xoxo gossip girl

kirstyb said...

thaks for sharing - love the post below btw x

The Owl Diary said...

I MUST check out this blog. Thanks for sharing. ♥

Kristina said...

I love your glam/casual look in the previous post, and your photographs are beautiful. I'm a freelance dress designer, so I'm always inspired by innovative blogs. New follower here.
Kristina J.

sacramento said...

Missing your posts!!!!

Angeles Almuna Design said...

Love the first photo! here in Miami it is the same photo but super BIG on a building wall and you can see it when you are driving. It's crazy!
Fabulous post!


sbot said...