New York Dreaming...on such a winters day

Every year at the Holidays I get Nostalgic for the days of living in the city. As the Holidays approached there was excitement and anticipation of what Barney's and Bergdorf's would do for their Holiday windows. During the time we lived in NYC Barney's was downtown in Chelsea on 7th ave, which was just down the street from our apartment. Their windows became a tradition to see if they could top themselves from the year before. Living in California is just not the same as New York at Christmas time, so I've had to resort to the internet every year to get my holiday window fix. Thanks to Racked.com and Zimbo.com I found what I was looking for, Hope you enjoy!

Barneys Celebrated SNL's 35 years with their Holiday windows

Bergdorf's Windows were a fantasy of beauty! I'm not sure of the theme maybe you New Yorkers might let us know, they are amazingly beautiful! 

"Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas time"
Here is Santa's Helper an Illustration I did for the holiday.

XO Valerie and Camilla


sarah. said...

bergdorf's windows are stunning! so wish i was there now too

The Photodiarist said...

Here are some more shots of Bergdorf Windows that I took:



Jennifer Fabulous said...

Those window displays are awesome. Your illustration is GORGEOUS. :)

Sofi said...

Oh God! Love!!! We are going to New York next week and I might have to insist we go there. relly cool. Merry Christmas! Or Happy Holidays:)

Every Little Counts said...

I know, LA just isn't the same. This is my first year back in NYC after 6 yrs. in LA and I am totally overdosing in this whole xmas thing.

valncami said...

Photodiarist thank you for sharing your photos they are awesome!Sofi and Every Little Counts have fun in NYC, you lucky girls. Thank you Jennifer!!
Valerie and Camilla

Dylana said...

Love the pics!