James Coviello and his New Store!

If you are in NYC please don't forget to make a stop at James Coviellos new store that just opened up in the East Village at 70 Orchard street. I met James back in 1990 in NY when he was working with his friend Anna Sui making her hats for her show and a Steven Meisel shoot that Anna was styling for. James is such an amazing designer he even did clothes under his name that sold at the store Anthropologie. He started his own line back in 2000 and quickly became recognized. I am proud to say that James made the earrings I wore at my wedding. I still have them but Camilla loved them so much as a toddler she would always take them out of my jewelry box and wear them out to play so the condition is not great but, they were always worn with love and style.

The Photos are taken from New York Magazine the Cut
James Coviello and his friend Anna Sui At the opening of his store
Congratulations James!
70 Orchard st, NYC

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Cristina Lopez Pancorbo said...

i love the store, autumnal quirky feeling yet classy and vintage! I dind't know him but I'll keep an eye on his upcoming collections!