Well, okay we are way behind, but yet another busy week! After going through the shows  from Paris and trying to decide on what to report we decided that the Chanel show was Rocking Fun. Oh my god, how can I express how much we loved the mix of textures in fabrics, the clogs, the hay and Live music by Lily Allen. Karl Lagerfeld is Genius and the collection so youthful and fun we both adored it.

Also the Chanel show had a lot of fabulous and wonderful people there who definitely understand fashion and know how to dress. Our Audience favorites were Sean Lennon and two beauties Irina Lazareanu and Kemp Muhl. One of our favorite photographers Ellen Von Unwerth was also on hand looking amazing in her 50's wearing skinny pants and boots. Yeah Ellen!

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kacie said...

wait....... am I seeing some sort of rendition of CLOGS?!!!!- Chanel, here I come.