Ever have one of those days where you just can't deal with all the bullshit anymore and you start combing through travel sites and airlines trying to imagine yourself anywhere but where you are at the moment? Well that's me a lot lately!
My favorite site to drop out for a while is airbnb  that's where I found this most awesome place to get away from it all, but still not too far from home. Great for a weekend away to recharge.
Just check it out a modern dream in the middle of nowhere. Off the Grid as they call it.
To wake up without people or buildings seems like heaven at the moment.
I know I shouldn't complain I am aware I live in sunny California and just a trip down to a (not so local) beach should do the trick and usually does. But, I just need to get away. 
A few weeks ago Emmett took a trip back in time down Route 66. Where He stopped at the famous Roy's and brought back pictures making us all want to take a little road trip of our own.
We are hoping to head out and do some shooting in April if our schedules allow. The hotel is abandoned and from what he said not one car passed by the whole time he was exploring the grounds. The Cafe is up and running and so is the gas station but it's still a ghost town and we can't wait to go explore and shoot for ourselves.

Now in need of some Comic Relief.
Red nose day is March 18th if you don't know what that is go see you still have time to save Misery!
  Misery Bear with Kate Moss.

 Well TGIF and Enjoy your weekend!


Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

WITH U! - i was looking at vacation spots this AM!!!

sacramento said...

Missing your wonderful outfit post dear Valerie and Camille.
Thank you for the present of all you dream like photos.
Have a great weekend, my dear friends.

the-caramel-lady said...

Wonderful pictures as always :) xxx

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

the place looks like a true haven, and I can totally get the wanting to get away vibe. The deserted hotel looks so Quentin tarantino, I can’t wait to see what that photo shoot will look like. Love the travel compilation because it is so divers. There are so many gorgeous places on earth, and once in a while we need to be reminded of that.

Allie said...

I totally understand where you're coming from. I'd love to just drop of the grid for a few weeks and not have to deal with people.


Sarah said...

Misery bear really upset me when I watched it! But then again I am convinced that all stuffed toys have feeling...sentimental fool!

..R May A.. said...

great post :)
thanks for sharing!! x

Laura Nelson said...

i know how you feel! & i love that first picture :)

annalisa said...

uhh making me wanna leavee xx


thingsIlove said...

:) great post.

Natasha said...

I know exactly how you feel. I would love to just pack a bag and go on holiday with my family for a few weeks. I can dream! And I keep getting the dates confused for Comic Relief, it's come around so quick though! xxx

Sofi Stellar said...

Yes! And these photos make me want to travel so much more!

The Photodiarist said...

Thanks for the intro to that site! These are great photos -- especially the first.

Cindy Whitehead said...

Glad they have preserved Roys - we sued to shoot there a lot for work - love that place. Everything near it is inspiring/interesting to me - have fun!!

Aki No Yuutsu said...

totally agree with you... but after consulting my wallet... I always have to stop and stay home...

allie said...

i really want that polka dot dress with the belt in the first picture.... lusting!!!

xo, allie

Chelsea Lane said...

same! I have been dreaming of getting away for awhile, too much rain in seattle! :) that place looks amazing.


Noortje said...

such a cute post! <3
love the first pic

Levoiture said...

I understand perfectly how you feel... Also want to make a trip, I want to go to the sunny California ;)

Very nice pictures and funny video!



Bridget Colella said...

totally on the same page! need a weekend getaway...LOOOOVE the first picture its amazing.


Juillet Clair said...

wonderful pictures :D
Great blog!
i'm now following


Fash Boulevard said...

Totally and beyond in love with your blog. It's my new crush. My name's Anna, I'm a stylist and visual merchandiser in LA. I'm 23 years old and moved to California after graduating back in south with a degree in visual merchandiser. I've been lucky enough since moving out here to work with some of LA's most respected designers. I'd love if you visited my new blog for multiple posts a day on all things fashion. I'd love the support. I'm following you, I hope you'll do the same. Thanks so much.


Emma said...

Hi you!
What a lovely blog you have here!
Lots of nice inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

Wanna be followers? Let me know!

Love from Stockholm.. xoxo

Nia Langley said...

I totally wanna just LEAVE sometimes...especially when things are stressful/busy. I wish we had longer weekends! Haha!

Great photos (as always)!


LCR said...

to answer your question: YES! I know that feeling where you just want to "drop out" and travel sites?... the best way to deal with it;)
thanks for the share!
Twitter @LCROutsideVoice

Bad Joan said...

You have an amazing blog and this post brings such inspirations for adventure. Why not travel in style?


Marloes. said...

I really like these photos!

Francesca said...

oooo that motel looks perfect for a shoot. Love these pictures..makes me wanna do a lonng very long roadtrip

Angeles Almuna Design said...

FABULOUS! Love this post...all the photos are wonderful...and all your dreams.....
Thank you for your comment! Love IT!


Audrey said...

It looks so beautiful!

I just officially "followed" this blog, but I've been following ever since Camilla's SparkNotes venture :)


vvart said...

aww! i love those photos but the first one is BEST! :)

Anonymous said...

♥Love your blog♥

Fashion Cappuccino said...

It would be wonderful if I could just get away to a ghost town with absolutely no one and just relish the time for myself. I love the abandoned hotel; it kind of reminds me of the horror movies though but still, it sounds like a great idea to me! Thank you for sharing that travel link! xoxoxoo