Speed Queen

Hitting the Fluff N Fold seemed like the perfect place to shoot Camilla's new vintage dresses. There was actually a lot of people doing their laundry that afternoon so we had to work around them and strategically move the cart of clothes to block them from view. It was quite a challenge but what could we do it was the only time we had to shoot. We never even got to photograph the blue dress on, because the afternoon was getting away from us and even though Camilla did a quick change out at the car (surfer style) we got the last bit of light when we shot the pink one. 
Mixing big chunky platform shoes and anklets is a fave look right now and with the vintage length of the dresses it fit perfectly to the theme. 
Our vision, was a cross between Betty Draper and Sandra Dee with just a dash of Lolita in the mix. 
To end the post we added a little retro fun with Stockard Channing
singing  "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee"
Grease 1978

Enjoy the weekend!
XX Valerie and Camilla


Lula said...

You may have not had a lot of time but Camilla sure looks gorgeous! Seriously, that first shot is awesome. Lovin' the colors! And that "vintagy" feel really showed on the pictures!


jadaandjon said...

love this shoot! amazing styling!

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C said...

A photoshoot done guerilla style! It looks fantastic, the hard work was definitely worth it!

the-caramel-lady said...

These photos are just amazing, and fantastic ! Camilla is very nice!

Congratulation. :)
Xoxo Valerie and Camilla!

Lucy said...

Very nice photos. ♥

yamina beyondURclothes said...

mad men style :p

xx, yamina.

Sarah said...

These dresses are so cute, and I love the idea of the shoot.

sacramento said...

What a fantastic job, so worth waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The blue pattern dress with the green cardigan and the touch of yellow and orange of the belt and bag...Fantastic!!
I love the pics inside where Camille wears the pink dress and those marvelous platfom shoes.
Each photo a piece of art, and a pleasure to my eyes.
Pure inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oomph. said...

gorgeous shots, and the dresses are beautiful...loving the pink dress with the floral shoes! the last shot in the pink dress is my favorite.


Roberta said...

wow!!!! nice pics and lovely blog! ;)

Aki No Yuutsu said...

Love how you played with colors!!!

Lijn said...

I've got no words for these pictures, they're so really really good.
I love them SO MUCH!

Nicollette said...

Great post. Love your outfits!
Nice blog.


Audrey Allure said...

Such a great shoot, I love the vintage dresses :) And I absolutely adore that song!

"this fashion lark." said...

Gorgeous photographs, I love the dresses so so much x

Glamour Bbey. said...

Beautiful pictures with great looks! xx

Fashionaddict said...

I am in love with this shoot! Well done! You're blog is just fabulous and right up my street so will now be following!



Kayla said...

These are stunning, stunning photos!
come and follow my blog :)


ANN said...

I love this shoot! All the vintage dresses are so pretty :)

Serina said...

Really great shoot, love the photos! Is it just me or the second picture makes you look like olivia palermo?

Serina x


Great Photos,they are gorgeous.
I'm really loving the colours.

kirstyb said...

loving all these pictures xxxxx

MARiZA Munich, Germany said...

Hello lovely,

I really like your blog. Your blog inspired me! great text and photos.

i follow your blog. please follow me mad. thanks and kisses:)

wish you a great time!

with love


Megan. said...

these pictures are soo good. love every single one!! x


Nina said...

soo cool, you did an amazing job ladies, love the shoot idea and the beautiful dresses!


MARiZA Munich, Germany said...

Hello Lovely,

thanks for your comment :)!

I really like your blog!!! it´s funny&inspired!!!

I follow you! PLEASE follow me too! thanks&kisses

with love


Pina Colada Kisses said...

fun photo shoot hey
Cute photos of her leaning down by the washer and in the cart

Becky-May said...

oh wow! thse picures are absolutely beautiful! thank you for your lovely comment :) I'll have to check out your blog more often :)

The Flower Girl


Serena said...

super cute vintage dresses & great photos! Love the red lips :)

love your blog- I'm your newest follower!


It blog girls said...

Thank you sooo much for your lovely comment!
your blog is beyond great! the pictures are so beautoful!
And we are two girls doing the blog, but the girl Aida in the last pictures is not either of us but a friend!
These pictures areee WOW

Megg said...

It would be such a pleasure to follow each other! You two have an amazng blog!

Freast said...

This shoot is amazing, it's so different from what you see on blogs usually!


Courtney Michele said...

Lovely photos! Such a cute photoshoot idea. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog & commenting. I'm following you now.

xox Courtney Michele

frances said...

AMAZING photos, she is gorgeous!

monsefuentes said...

i love the look, the photos, the blog, it is just amazing

i am your new follower

xx, monse.-


Stacey Kay said...

OMG these shoots are fantastic! I'm def following you girls! Thanks for stopping by my blog, too.

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland

Toni Tralala said...

I'm in love with the dresses! :) I'm so happy with the turn out! I think you both did great. The detail on the pink dress is amazing! <3

veronicaa said...

Wow this is sooo inspirational!!!
You are so gorgeous and I love your vintage style.
I am totally following!! AMAZING blog. I want to know how to take photographs like that!!

XO Veronica

Death By Shoe said...

These photos are so fabulous! I absolutely love your vintage dresses...so lovely!


Marcie said...

thank you so much for telling me about this shoot! Of course I love it!! The colors are amazing, and the laundromat is the perfect backdrop! :)


kaitlin monroe said...

loved this!
but now grease songs are stuck in my head...

Jennifer said...

ahhhh LOVE IT!!! <3

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Baily Jones said...

I absolutely adore the shoot. Y'all did it SO well and props to y'all on working around the busy scene at the laundry mat. The photos turned out beautiful... y'all are so talented & so glad to have "met" you!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and sending me over here to check out the pics! I'm in love with the dresses - I LOVE the blue floral one... my favorite color, on the real.


Zarna said...

this is such a cute photoshoot! i really love the socks/heel combo in both of these outfits!

Izzy Melhuish said...

Thankyou for another lovely comment, yes I did the illustration. love this post, very creative !! Izzyx


michelle_ said...

the last shot with that pink dress is the best ! the angle is really lovely!
love this whole set :)

QueenDesi said...

Remind me in your last post about
My Beautiful Laundrette (the spreads from Vogue)!!
and i have to say that you bot did such a great job here.
Love the concept..
so colorful and eye catching,
i love Camilla expression in every photoshoot!!


in Love&Light
Queen D

Sisters and Sisters said...

I am soo in love with this shoot! How you even came with a idea like this? Amazing!
Girls, your blog is really nice; we love to see more!

Hazal and Cana

Hillary said...

I adore these photos. Very vintage :) I love love love!! I like your post before this one too :) New follower!!

Please check out my blog & if you like it follow me too :)



MLMB said...

♥ Aw absolutely love the retro feel to these... the dresses are gorgeous :) Hehe made me smile re:shoot. I've worked on fashion shoots for years and working in public places and round people used to have the professional team in hysterics - I was having visions of you guys doing the same :) Usually lots of older people staring and standing in shot :) xxxx

ƸӜƷ www.makinglifemorebeautiful.co.uk ƸӜƷ

liisa said...

what a funky outfit!
you look adorable.

Freast said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment! We love your style! :) xxx

antonia said...

BEAUTIFUL DRESSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jessica Mura said...

Beautiful job and outfit :D :D :D Thanks so much for your comment, already follow each other ??? :)


It blog girls said...

Thank you a lot for your comment , Yes we are two writers... It is the first time that we see someone doing a blog with his mom ,It would be great .we are your new followers , we love your blog too

Diana said...

these pictures are so fantastic! i am loving the retro vibe :) and you are gorgeous btw xo


Dressed 4 Success said...

Thanks for your comments girls!!

Are so cute those pics... amazing!

www.dressed4success.blogspot.com >;-)

m.fay said...

the colors in these photos are amazing. so cheery and bright! too cute.

amateur couture

Happy Kathy said...

Absolutely gorgeous-magnifique!-soo sooo beautiful photoshooting!!!i totally loooove the dresses!!!!

Sisters and Sisters said...

Thanks for your always nice comments!
You always make the great posts!
You and your mom are one of the best bloggers how has a blog with eachother!

Cana and Hazal

Beenie said...

nice photos !!


ItsMeRoxy said...

Omg I just totally love this whole shoot..the style is so perfect♥


Vicki said...

what a fabulous location for a photoshoot!! i love these photos are so photogenic and that red lippy looks awesome on you! :) x

Jane Alisa said...

I adore this photo-shoot, so kitsch! xoxo

Stefani said...

Oh,so beautiful!!Love every single picture!
Nice blog,following you now:)


Dominique said...

amazing photos!!!!!!! i cant even pick a favorite! everything looks pretty! even the dresses! omg.

btw i'm a new follower of yours! thanks for dropping by my blog!

Kay | Tri Fold Brochures said...

I love every outfit you shoot ! Aside from the dress, I love the idea of wearing socks with the shoes.And I must say that you did a good job on keeping the people away from the shoot, because it looks like you actually rent the whole place.

Ania Alonso said...

nice pictures!!!!!

Levoiture said...

You have a very beautiful blog with lovely photos!



silvia Navarro said...

love this pictures!!
great post!
have a nice day

Marella said...

Gorgeous pics!

Your blos is amazing! Following! Follow back? <3

globetrotter said...

Lovely post. These images are so colourful and gorgeous.
Beautiful blog.

Hope we can follow one another. :)


Angeles Almuna Design said...

These photos are amazing! You look extraordinary beautiful, the colors and the 50s style is perfect on you.....and thank you thank you very much for your comment "no make-up and youre still a beauty!" you made my day and my week!
KIsses and see you again!


LYDIA HOPE said...

I love the pink dress with the floral waist!

sbot said...

Beautiful again, love the flower belt! STUNNING photos.




Vegas Fashion Stylist said...

What a fun shoot, awesome work. If you own the pink vintage dress I would get in shortened about 2 inchs.


Neekoh said...

The dresses!! You are wayyyy too cute! They look gorgeous on you and you have one killer smile :)


QueenDesi said...

thx for stopping by babe :)
love to read your comments.
i just find another fashion Muse here
in your blog!!!
i'm your follower from a long ago..

feel free to come back, hope you can follow me back..

in Love&Light
Queen D

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

words cannot express how much i adore this shoot!


Isa said...

wonderful photos :D

Cecylia said...

my goodness you are not only gorgeous, stylish, creative...I love your wardrobe and your poses!

Such a cute and beautiful post!

I've followed you, come and see my blog to hun :)

Cassidy said...

Oh my gosh I'm in love with these outfits! So retro!

Camilla said...

Beautiful shoot and the clothes are so lovely! :)

xx Camilla

Antoinette said...

I love absolutely EVERYTHING about this photo shoot! Such a gorgeous blog.


Sandra said...

omg ! really nice pictures !

love them. and the model is gorgeous!

hope you'll visit, i'm kinda new around here :D

Prutha said...

absolutely love it..the phone pic is incredible... check out my crazy shoot for today too...u may like it

la mì said...

wonderful post!
HI! my name's martina and I come form Italy... I'd like you visit my blog and if you want... follow me! I wait you and your tips!
kiss kiss
Glamour Marmalade

Niki said...

amazing shoot! The styling is amazing! Camilla looks so cute, fun, and chic! love it!

*chameleon* said...

soooooooooo great photos,i enjoyed so much rolling down the cursor!!!!:)))) fab!!!:)

Linka said...

These photos are so beautiful!

anni said...

Fabulous photos ! I love the idea ;)

rosesareblue said...

this post is so kitschy! love it xxxxxx