Welcome to Palm Springs

We arrived in Palm Springs later in the day than first planned because it was said to be raining in the morning. Even though it was cooler the sky's were blue and the clouds fluffy with a dry wind. We just hung out at the pool in the hot tub and chilled the afternoon away.
Morning love at our Casita in the sun!
A view from our Casita's balcony to our pool.
Happy hour at the bar. I took the saturation down to give the photo a more vintage feel.
The Giant Bunny!
A ladybug that Emmett saved from the water drying her wings.
My mom in her Panama and scarf. The Panama Hat got a lot of use on this trip, everyone took turns wearing it to block the sun.
Flowers and birds were everywhere we turned. 
The Pansies reminded me of Alice in Wonderland.
This sweet little bird kept us company at the bar. He was missing a foot but he didn't seem to mind.
Passing the Panama!

Camilla and Valerie


Pearl Westwood said...

Oooh it looks so amazing!

sarah. said...

looks beautiful!


Amber said...

Really nice pictures and looks!
x amber

M. said...

love the pictures! that Panama hat is wonderful

lovelove, M.

Ligeia said...

Me wants a holiday like that :)
glad you're enjoying


J'aime said...

Pansies, and sunshine. Beautiful. I wanna be where you are.


Lainey said...

palm springs is amazing. Where did you guys end up staying?

The Photodiarist said...

What wonderful photos. Love that sun! Raining in NYC again.

Nathalie Maggiori said...

Amazing pictures!

Abernathy said...

that place so ...wonderful!!
kisses from spain

Between Venus and Saturn said...

Great Great pictures
I don't know on which of you I like the had the most.. I just damn like the hat ! haha

Francesca said...

What a wonderful place!!I wish was there!!


Sutton said...

what great photos. have a lovely holiday!

Cindy Whitehead said...

Your pix are making me CRAVE a PS trip. Hope you all had a wonderful time!