"Really, really, really ridiculously good-looking"

It's been forever since our last post but we took a little hiatus from blogging because of spring fever and the need to clean out our house our studio and redecorate it. I don't know about you, but spring gets me in a mood to spring clean and get rid of all the clutter. I always have to go through my closet and get rid of all the things that have been sitting there unworn or unused. Also Tax season makes me go through the files and clean out those too. With all this cleaning and redecorating we have been up to our elbows in STUFF! Then along came a little post on my facebook page from my friend Robin at SELF about beauty and "Make Up to Makeover your Mood". She is the beauty editor at Self Magazine and has lots of great ideas to share. Lately, I have been into wearing berry lips by using  M.A.C.'s Mahogany lip pencil and then filling them in. Camilla has been into really, really red lips using M.A.C.s Russian Red with a soft face. Here is some of our make up favorites from the fall shows that are ripe and ready for wear now.
At Givenchy amazing glittery red lips with the rest of your face soft
At Chanel dark eyes but soft lips
At Prada don't over pluck your eyebrows
At Miu Miu Dramatic eyes in bright colors
At Dior Orange eyes and soft berry lips while at Proenza Schouler dark berry lips and soft face
More pretty red lips, with a soft face and easy hairstyle,effortless beauty.
  Also on Robins blog she introduced me to another great blog that has now become a favorite of ours it's by Makeup artist Fiona Stiles "My Life in Paints Powders and Pigments"
Fiona is a makeup artist to the stars and has pictures with tips on how to apply the makeup on her blog. It's a must read for any girl.

So Thanks Robin for bringing us back out of the clutter and onto blogging once again. Now off to the beach, it's 80 and sunny in California today. Now you know why we have the fever:)

XX Valerie and Camilla


Lia in Strawberry Fields said...

Veery inspiring! So thanks:)
Glad you're back, I can't wait for another shoot, so hope you can take some pictures with that nice weather!

Andy Quirks said...

haha, i remember that zoolander movie. and i love the red lips. mine's red at the moment too!


The Style Revolution said...

Great looks!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I love these looks! I wish I had more makeup skills so I could pull some of these looks off...sigh.

Lucky you being in 80 degree weather! Sounds fab. :)

I hope you two lovely ladies are having a WONDERFUL week! xoxo

ilovecoolthings said...

BIG fan of that first look. Thing is, no matter how often i wear my red lipstick i am quite aware that men do NOT appreciate red lipstick....
i always wear it for myself though :)

M. said...

I love the berry lips right now, I just bought lipstick similar and have been wearing it alot!

lovelove, M.

Nicole Jarecz said...

i wish i had thick eyebrows like these models!

Nathalie said...

Amazing make-up!

melina bee said...

I love all of these looks so much, but my very favorite is the first. Red and pink together!

Anonymous said...

I love changing up makeup for spring i just bought a ton of magenta lipstick shades to celebrate!!! And yes I agree with spring cleaning infact that's all I can think about is cleaning and redecorating!




Anonymous said...

haha Zoolander is the best movie! Also, the eye shadow on those models are so beautiful!

daisychain said...

amazing post x

electricsbubbles said...

I love the first make up


Style Bird said...

I love this make up post! xo ava

Juliet said...

Gorgeous beauty looks! I'm sorry to spam, but I have gorgeous giveaway going on in my blog right now! Please come and see!

juliet xxx