Sweet Disposition



1. the predominant or prevailing tendency of one's spirits; natural mental and emotional outlook or mood; characteristic attitude: a girl with a pleasant disposition.   

Hi, first we want to start by thanking everyone who wrote such sweet, touching comments for dear little Jasmina. The service was a beautiful celebration of her very short life. I was in New York for 5 days and returned home late Thursday night, just missing the snow storm. My welcome home was to 2 days of rain. Camilla and I had planned to do our Gigli shoot over the weekend and Sunday turned out to be the most beautiful, perfect day. After a good rain storm the sky's are always bright blue and the clouds all white and fluffy. It's like the rain washed away the smog. We named the shoot Sweet Disposition because that is the way we are choosing to live from now on. We were inspired by Jasmina and how she chose to live her short life.

With the shoot we wanted to capture the Gigli feeling but make it wear now. We mixed our vintage Gigli skirt with a midnight blue Vintage jacket. Underneath was a Cerulean blue slip from Anthropolgie and a taupe wrap knit top by Velvet. Then we added knee hi's from American Apparel and Shoes by Jeffery Campbell from LF Boutique. The outfit was topped off with a hat by Billabong. Yes, I said Billabong, it just goes to show that you can find great pieces from lots of brands, even the surf industry. We bought the hat a while ago at this great little boutique in Manhattan Beach called The BeeHive.

In case you haven't heard LF Boutique is have their "Only Sale of The Season" with markdowns at 60% off. That's where we just bought the Jeffery Campbell shoes in this shoot.

Now a Big thank You to Rock and Revolution for the best blog award

So here are a few of the blogs we love and would like to pass this on to.

Well, this has been way to long of a post I hope you enjoy:)

XX Valerie and Camilla


Niki said...

These photos are so so so gorgeous! I love them!

M. said...

ah that hat <3 I love those shoes as well!

lovelove, M.

a little yellow button. said...

Oh, how I love hats. I'm currently going through a little hat obsession right now, and I have recently bought a little green wool hate made in Italy. I'm in love with the hat from the photos, and I am quite surprised to discover they are from Billabong! From all places! I guess it goes to show that shopping is a skill. :]

Tati said...

i love the entire outfit
and im glad jasmines service was good for everyone :)
hope you all are feeling better and cute outfit!
love the shoes

RidingPretty said...

Love these Pretty, pretty photos!
So good to have discovered you!... what a beautiful treat.
Thanks for the mention too.


The Photodiarist said...

Your photos are so breathtaking that I forget to focus on the clothes. The first and second are literally mind blowing. I wish wish wish I could get a photo of mine to look like those. BTW, thanks for the shout out!

The Sound of Lace said...

so cute, looks like you guys had fun, loving the bbong hat!!


Ligeia said...

Glad to hear you had a safe trip
beautiful shots miss!


Nine said...

So beautiful <3

Rūta said...

Beautiful photoshoot, perfect lighting gives perfect colors. And lipstic suits you and the mood very well.
I've been searching for black big hat for a while, which i want to wear with milions of layers of winter clothes, but everything i find either suits only summer clothing either looks too clasic for me.

Rock N Revolution said...

You are most certainly welcome and that outfit is STUPENDOUS!

Becca said...

I love this hat, and beautiful photos :)

Jen said...

these pictures are so stunning and i love your hair in a braid. this outfit is the definition of chic! :)

daisychain said...

so stunning and chic

Amber said...

cool pictures!!
xoxo amber

Lia in Strawberry Fields said...

camilla you look AMAZING here! beautiful like a true model! and of course great photography!!
loving it :)

jessica wu said...

love the bucket hat, look samazing on you!!


TheMinx said...

I love this outfit, the combination of classic and new items is gorgeous.

Jessica said...

I love the vintage feel of this shoot.. so glamourous.. kind of like 1920's ish style! And I really love how this is a mother/daughter project, its very touching, there aren't many blogs out there like this and you two are doing a beautiful job! :)

I just started blogging myself, so I'd love if you visited:<a href="http://modememoirs.blogspot.com>mode memoirs</a>.

Jessica said...

And i forgot to mention how I am sorry for your loss, but with sorrow always comes inspiration and happiness, and its not about loss but its about how that person touched you in the precious time you had with them. Her memory will live on with you.

Juliet said...

Really lovely vintage feel!

juliet xxx

A and A said...

absolutely stunning Camilla! And the Photography.... Wow Valerie. The lighting, the styling, the poses... so natural while still delivering in "umph".... it pops!
Love your blog... so sorry to hear about Jasmina, our hearts and thoughts are with you both and her family. Each moment counts... live it just as so.


RaspberryKitsch said...

those photos are gorgeous! love the hat and i love your blog! :)



Candi said...

Gorgeous photos! Love the outfits!!! Thank you so much for leaving me a comment so I could find your blog. Love it!!! - Candi

Krimly said...

ove your hat!!
you're gorgeous in those photos!!


Jessica said...

I was trying to figure out what my favorite part of this outfit is, but I just can't! Everything is perfect!

LADY REBEL said...



. said...

beautiful photos. cool hat! :D

The Lion & The Unicorn said...

Simply amazing ladies!
Really really impressed, so glad to have found your blog!

GWYN said...

love this outfit! the hat is perfect :) and the photos are really amazing :)

Decade Diary said...

Amazing, thank you so much for the sweet award! Loving the side braid and pony hair shoes... might have to get my hands on a pair. Thanks for sharing! xoxo Decade Diary

aujourd'hui said...

wow these photo's are so beautiful!
Looks like they are from VOGUE or so.