All That Glitters

Lisa finding a good angle to shoot us at.

Shoes by Dolce Vita.

Sparkle top & Headband by Free People.

Hi everyone, this is a photo shoot that i did with my friends. My sweet friend Lisa Inoue took the pictures for us, she's a great photographer and loves to use us as her practice. We decided to call it all that glitters because we were going with a theme that revolved around clothes that sparkle. Originally we were only going to use gold clothing hence "All that glitters is gold" but we figured that anything with some shimmer and shine would do for a good shoot. We always have a lot of fun doing these and put a lot of time and effort into doing them. I hope you enjoy seeing some of my favorite shots.


Simon Schermerhorn said...

Looks like you are having fun with this shoot, i think that is the best part. :]

Lysanne said...

That 3rd shot is stunning. Love the lighting and her expression. Beautiful.